Updated Fishing Preview

I don’t see a forum post for this, so I thought I might as well start one because I am VERY excited about it.

Link to the devlog here: https://blog.orbusvr.com/updated-fishing-preview/

Is anyone else pumped to see this in action? It looks incredibly fun, and I really hope as a mechanic it gets a lot of depth (which it sounds like it will!). I personally am very curious what impacts fishing will have (used as food? decorations? who knows), but simply the idea of it is exciting, and it looks like it is being done very well. I hope we’ll see a large variety of fish, like animal-crossing type numbers of species.

Regarding the current mechanics for catching fish, how exactly does the line tension idea work? With no force-feedback I’m curious how we as players will know if we are close to breaking the line or not. Also, is there anything to indicate if we have a bite other than the text by the pole? Not that it isn’t sufficient, but I know that if I were fishing I would like to be able to gaze around at the scenery without fear of missing a catch.

There is force feedback when you get a bite, it should really be enough but I have the text there for now as well.

The line tension thing is something I’m still playing with. The idea was that you would need a certain strength of pole/line to catch bigger fish, but it might end up being a little mini-game you play while reeling it in. Not totally sure yet.

Glad you’re excited about it! :slight_smile:

Alright, cool! By force feedback I meant that the “pole” doesn’t get pulled towards the fish IRL (since that would require some sort of peripheral that doesn’t exist and nobody would buy). Without something like that, I imagine a tension mini-game would have to be mostly visual or audio based? I’m curious to see what you guys come up with!

I assume what you mean there is a vibration when you hook a fish? That sounds just fine to me :smiley: far preferable to animal crossing, where you have a split second to discern if that sound your bobber made was a bloop or a splash before the fish is gone :sweat:

Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

Saw it looks awesome! Fishing will it be a skill of it’s own?? I wonder and thanks for the post

It seems like a varied frequency vibration while reeling in the fish could communicate tension.

In real life, higher tension will lead to a higher frequency of vibration.

Emulating this would be both natural feeling, as well as coincidentally conforming to vibration feedback standards for ‘old-school’ controllers (higher intensity/frequency for more urgent effects).

Once you have some way to communicate tension, you could have a variety of pole strengths. Then the player could even use a weaker rod by skillfully managing the tension on the line. (Paying out line if the fish puts a lot of strain on it, while reeling in quickly if the fish releases tension). The stronger the rod, the large margin for error in the player’s response.

(Maybe have a variety of line strengths, rather than rod strengths? Unless you are hooking some really big fish you usually don’t risk breaking your rod- at least not with fish that come out of small lakes.)

That does sound like it would work fine, but how much of a range do the motors in the vive wands have? I can’t say I recall experiencing anything other than a binary on or off, with no inbetween.

Regarding line vs rod strength, I think saying you have a better rod saying you have higher quality everything, stronger line included. At least that is how I take it in most games. Pokemon for example never defines exactly what the difference between an old rod and a super rod is, but you still get the idea that you can catch better fish with the latter.

You never know though, maybe Orbus will have some monsterous fish out there for us to catch?

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The vive has no binary feedback xD. It can tick, and the more ticks per seconds the stronger the vibration feels. And as for you don’t feel the vibrations: that’s a good thing. Trust me you felt it… You just didn’t remember, therefore it was not emerging breaking but emergion building.