Upgrading account with Windows Mixed Reality

Hello. I’m new to the OrbisVR community. I have intentions to possibly buy the Founder package. My question is: When will the game be available for my headset and how do I redeem the perks? I know it will work with SteamVR, but I don’t know how I will redeem and install the game, as it is only listed for other headsets.

Hey there!

We’ve had at least one or two people that have played on Windows MR via SteamVR and said it worked fine. If you upgrade and for some reason it doesn’t work for you, feel free to shoot me a note and we can get you a refund. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on how well it plays.

You just install the regular launcher for now and then you’ll play via Steam when it goes into EA.


Hey so I’m new to the entire VR scene and from what you said, I’m hearing that even though I’m not using a vive or oculus I can still play vive or oculus exclusive games with steam VR? If so I am definitely getting this game.

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