Upgrading tier over time?

something that I want to be able to do is to buy the game, as it looks like an amazing promise. my only issue is that my current bank account only allows for a certain amount of money to be used at any time before it cuts itself off. I was wondering if it would be possible for us to upgrade our purchase tier over a longer period of time, so whilst we may only be able to afford a starter tier, we can purchase an upgrade pack of some sort to be able to upgrade to a higher tier later on.

If your talking like you bought in as a backer. Then want to upgrade to a founder it is possible. I believe what you do is go to your account page and click the button that says upgrade account. :slight_smile:

ahh, thank you so much ^^ I wasn’t aware of this, sorry for taking your up time

Not a problem! Enjoy! Hope to see you in the next closed Beta

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