Valusia Please No!


Since playing Reborn I have noticed 2 very suspicious things.

The first is, the other intelligent species seem to have disapeared from the world, those darn cute Valusia are just no where to be seen?!?!?

And second, snake bits have oddly become fishing lure parts.
Hmm I wonder if there is any correlation and/or causation here >.>


during the quakes, it is very likely that the civilization got destroyed, as it says in marlowes journal that if he doesnt get in his power suit then he will be crushed within the moving plates or something like that.
Im also not sure about this but I think lots of people and creatures got turned into the stick bois
I dont know though, but I like the idea of fishing with valusia heads

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They may still be fine, since the people at the refugee camp have been big chillin just fine


You rite

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