Valve knuckles controller?

Have you given any thought to how the valve knuckles controller might affect gameplay?

It effectively is going to replace the grip button, with a analog (capacitive) finger sensing.

I see this being an issue, as in order to click the touch pad/trigger generally, you naturally (or even with clicking the touchpad, need to) grip the handle. which will make the grab function in game, clunky, as you’ll no longer be able to squeeze to grip the controller, and in theory there will be no difference between a resting grip, and a squeezing grip.

Any idea’s how you might modify the controller layout/gestures once the knuckles are released, and become more mainstream?

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I know one thing that might make a re-appearance is allowing the two-finger-to-open-menu be useable again as a default setting.


I really hope this opens up a bard class option. :smiley: