Vampyrism | Vampire race

I have not read anywhere else about this topic but a vampire race would be awesome to experience in the world of Orbus.
Vampires would be Weaker than default by day and stronger than default by night.
Additional skills that would become available by night but you loose some default traits that other humans* have.
Maybe you can be able to turn others into vampires, but then it might get a bit tedious being turned into a vampire if the majority of the player base is vampires.
Also some way return to human* form if you want to revert the process.

Having vampyrism in the game would give more diversity to each player and would broaden the aspect of the game.
Orbus is also a RPG game built from the ground up so maybe we can create a new race, never seen before?
It could go great within the lore of the game and even expand it,
or maybe thats what the secret cult is about?

*Human:Default race or the race you selected for your character if other races would be implemented to the game.

What do you guys think about this idea?
This is my first topic post, sorry if its poorly written, English is my second language.


I like the idea,

Also having multiple races with actual traits is cool.

Most mmos i play races dont even matter tbh.

But maybe it can matter on here depending on what professions you wanna do?

Like i know in some animes (im a weeb) that are set in online games some races are specialize as assassins some are only healers etc, maybe humans can be assassins too but maybe another race can have its own unique skillset as an assassin etc.

It would be unique and fun to use. Even if its not completely weird looking races we can just have human clans that specialize in a certain area?


I agree, i would love to see a dwarf blacksmith or a fairy healer etc.
It would allow for some more intricate roleplaying and make the game more immersive.


I think these are interesting ideas and could be great in another game. But player base and graphical limitations probably make them impossible for OrbusVR. There would also be problems with races with physical differences in VR, unless unrealistic hitboxes were added. A dwarf in VR makes a much smaller target, thereby giving dwarfs a huge advantage when you can’t just lock onto a person and fire away like in other MMOs. Think about the advantage you had playing as odd job in goldeneye. A fix to this would be give everyone the same hitbox, but then you still have the issue of not being able to see the entire hitbox for a dwarf as you can with larger characters.

Vampirism also adds problematic complexity with a 5 hour day/night cycle. That character is essentially worthless during the day for anything other than crafting, which means that with limited playtime, one of the races can be completely useless to a large percentage of the playbase for a lot of the time. PVP balance would also be impossible if one character became OP arbitrarily at night. If the game were created with vampirism as in integral part of the lore and initial planning all of these issues would be able to be worked out. In other words, an MMO with the option for players to become vampires needs to be an MMO that is focused around the idea of vampiric players. For Orbus however, it seems to add complexity without adding significant value for a majority of the playbase.

Once VR MMOs have matured and first person melee, range, and magic combat have been figured out more I think multi-race player character options will be great. For now however, I think it is best to focus on figuring out the basics of making an MMO great in VR.


actually allows for an interesting play possibility, of scaling the world to your character’s size.

I played WOW with hacky VR for about 6 months and playing a gnome was hilarious in first person, because the sense of being so short but moving so fast was kind of ridiculous.

The distance that the cameras are apart is the only thing that would need to change to modify the world scale.

I think you’re right that this won’t work in Orbus, but it would be a cool feature for an MMO that it was included in.

I actually like this, full support.

Having different races doesnt need to change hitbox, only cosmetic appearence.
Vampires would gain additional skills that would give them some advantages during the day but would not make them stronger than default. If you dont like the gameplay of the vampire then its as simple as just dont become a vampire.

I think Vampires are a pretty extreme example.
You could make a load of different humanoid races, elves, humans, fairys, warlocks etc. Depends where you want to take the lore. And you could give each of them a slight tendancy, so for example, elves might be able to fire arrows 5% further, something minor like that. It allows you to make a choice but you won’t be able to choose in such a way that something is unavailable due to your stats.

Personally, I think this game already has enough ways to differentiate players between classes, disciplines, fellowships and surnames. But I could see the attraction in both character creation and in the lore of having more than one race.

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There’s no plan right now to add different races to the game (elves, dwarves, etc.) prior to launch. The lore of the world does feature some other sentient races though besides humans, so it’s possible in a future expansion those might be playable races. But for the current timeline/story, really only playing humans makes sense.

That said, becoming a vampire, a werewolf, or other types of ‘transformational’ gameplay would still be possible with humans. It’s not on our current roadmap but internally we’ve considered it, so it’s not ruled out for the future.


do it and ill kiss you, i NEED vampire race, And i wanna suck peoples neck in vr and have red glowy eyes ill literally pay 100$

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I like this idea as well, I’ve always gravitated toward other races besides humans so becoming a werewolf or something of the like would be neat. What could be interesting is if NPC reacted to you in the transformed state such as being a bit nervous or refusing to talk to you while transformed for a bit of realism.

It would be such a cool way to feel unique with your character. Riley and the other devs would need to come up with a cool way of making sure there are negatives that are almost on par with the positives.