Various Armor Styles /leg movement? (leg suggestion)

How is the armor planned as far as diversity? My friends and I see you have various forms of armor from European medieval fantasy, so we were wondering if you will involve other fantasy styles from all over the world?
This is not a complaint or call out

We noticed you used the SAO UI and we are big fans of that show as well, so with that observation my homies and I started conversing on how cool Klein and his team was wearing that cool samurai armor, and how nice it reflected the others styles of armor when next to them.
So with that being said
I included some examples (w/ legs)
Now I haven’t seen much discussion about legs but I noticed the npc’s have them, which got me thinking…
If anyone haven’t seen Arizona Sunshine’s locomotion on a cosmetic side, what it essentially looks like is a quick dash with a wind trail but at the head set moves in room scale your legs adjust accordingly producing a sense of (some what) natural movement in the world.
Hope I haven’t lost you
We (my friends and I) have been drawing it out and such and we think it can work or at least deserves a test (in our eyes, but we aren’t developers yet).

Also here are the examples:

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Generally this game works very well as a low spec game, I don’t know how much power these would take to render (also not a developer :slight_smile:) , especially if everyone is wearing them. But I would definately like to see form of these.

Maybe even a character model detail slider, and various different stages of tessellation so it can be adjusted depending on your hardware.

That aside I love the idea of big colourful armour and think it would be a great addition to the game