View distance question

i can play the game at the max setting and not get any frame drops but the overall view distance still seems pretty low to me. the game looks great until you look at trees or mountains and everything is gray. any way to up the view distance even more or make it like the screenshots on the website where there is no gray barrier? look at this picture on the website, its so beautiful looking but if you could get there all you would see is gray cause of the view distance. so is there any way to up it anymore or maybe a dev could shed some info on how it would be if it was removed?

It’s on our list of stuff to allow changing…the view distance of “server-side objects” (like monsters and other players) won’t change because that has to be the same for everyone to keep the game fair, but “client-side objects” such as the terrain and trees we could allow you to see farther if your computer can handle it. Just one of those things where we’re prioritizing fixing crashes and whatnot right now but we will add it in the future.


thank you, this is exactly what i want and seems fair for the monster and player distance

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