Visible card place on belt for Scoundrel


Hi, when playing the scoundrel, I never managed to place a card on my belt, it just never work and it’s always played instead.
It would be nice to either have a visual item where you can store that card, or just seeing the outline of the spot when you grab your card, but something to help you actually know where you’re supposed to place the card would be nice.
Thanks ^^


yes please, a little blue outline or something would be amazing. Especially with the various ‘tightness’ modes for belts allowing for the ‘target’ to be always moving in relation to your body.

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Very much agree and was actually expecting this to be one of the first obvious updates after the class came out but it never happened.


I just gave up on that aspect of the class. I could never really find the spot.


The times I do manage to get it in the right spot (rare do I succeed without trying for 5-7s, more often I give up at 2-3s and just burn or use), I end up accidentally throwing it because it grabs at a wide radius while I’m trying to get on or off my mount.

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I am usually pretty consistent with it, though admittedly not always. I find it much more difficult to use when sitting in a chair though because of its position relative to my leg. For anyone having trouble and holding the gun in their right hand, try equipping a potion in your right tool slot and sliding your card from your deck to the potion. The spot is directly above and to the left of your tool slot. Let me know if this is bad advice, I’ve never given it before.


That is actually the method I used, well, I got luck potions on that spot on higher shard anyway. Still think there should be any indicator, I often play seated and also we sometimes stand in line behind each others and it is really useful that some can stay seated.
Also huge issues with accidentally grabbing it, too here.


I moved my deck anchor so it’s infront of the store slot. Simply grab and drag back to put it in the slot. Also makes grabbing cards easier in general as the deck is really close

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I tried moving anchor… but after interacting with belt (equipped treats) cards went back to their normal location (anchor still in its new location)