Visual desync - ranger

I and a friend noticed ranger special arrows not appearing back. The game seems to know it should be back because you can grab the other arrow to update the bugged one to show up. It seems to happen frequently.

Its an annoying bug to keep on top of as unless you play the same class a lot or are actively thinking/knowing it should be back then you can miss it even happening. It started appearing after the fix for arrows to show up. It was actually better before that patch although not perfect still in a different way.

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Another ranger bug is sometimes when you reach back to bring the bow out, it’s on an odd angle. Switching classes usually fixes it.

Hi, thanks for reporting. So for example, you would use both piercing and poison arrow, and then you’d only see one of those come back but when you grabbed it the other one also appears?

I haven’t played much ranger recently so can’t fully remember the issues but from my understanding a easy way to replicate it is to grab the arrow, put it either in the bow and release without shooting it or putting it away over your shoulder and then it won’t come back by itself without needing to grab the poison arrow to visually update it. Or at the very least it doesn’t instantly come back, it disappears for 3 seconds before appearing back again.

I think during combat it can disappear but once the poison comes back it updates to show the piercing back. - the piercing is roughly a 7 second cooldown and poison is 12 ish seconds so your losing out on being able to shoot the arrow for an extra 5 seconds, you could have almost had an extra piercing in that time frame.

After playing more ranger recently, ive sent in a few bug reports.

Its not extremely common but does seem to happen once every shard i would say it occurs roughly every 30mins.
I notice it on longer fights ~boss fights where im doing my rotation then the piercing just doesn’t come back until i grab the other arrow.

Another bug I’ve noticed is crit weak circles sometimes don’t appear. This is similarly common so maybe once per shard during a boss. No idea why it doesn’t show but it will just fail to spawn 1, the next one will work again and if you charged shot that will create one like it should.