Vitality vs. Armor + Attack vs. Strength


Often times I’ll get a piece of gear that has higher armor than my current piece, but my current piece will have +60 vitality or something like that. Like for example I just got a piece of armor that has 30 more armor, but no vitality bonus, so I’ll gain 30 armor but lose 60 vitality.

So which one is better? How much more armor is better than +60 vitality (if that makes sense)?

Same question for Attack vs. Strength.

Is it a 1:1 ratio or?


While you are leveling it wont make a huge amount of difference but once you hit max level it will

Armour > vitality

Attack > Strength

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Okay but I wonder about the ratio, like is +10 armor better than +60 vitality?


It also depends on the class: for example strength just makes spells fly faster for mage.


We don’t really know the exact number, but the armor gives you extra damage reduction while vitality just increases your heath. So with move defense it will be easier to heal yourself up again because you’re taking less damage, while with vitality you still take the same amount of damage but you can take more hits so if you choose vitality over Armor you’ll just increase the time it takes you to die if you can’t quite heal up.

Once you get to end game stuff you can just infuse the stats anyway so you can get best of both.