Vive spell activation and gear swap sets


Change spell activation on Vive from track-pad click to offhand trigger button, allowing movement on wand hand. Could change ultimate to hold both grips+draw button or anything else.

I currently use strafe on left hand and turn on right(wand), have to put wand away to turn. Also Vive controllers seem to be better designed for repetitive trigger pulls vs track-pad clicks, potentially adding comfort to long play sessions.

Set gear swap sets for changing class, changing all gear with 1 button. Could add a cast time if swapping all gear fast is op for some reason.

Add multi select option, hold grip on offhand while selecting items to select multiple, for mass deletes / storage.



You never should need to put away the wand to turn; it might be an htc thing though because you can turn with oculus


is there a reason you don’t use full room-scale for you vive? it solves all the issues with turning

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