Voice chat cutting out

I find that voice chat cuts out now and then. It happens in all the zones. there are spans of seconds where everyone is cut out, and then it comes back shortly after for some amount of time and then happens again. The compas mic is very buggy and cuts out much more frequently.

So like is it a situation where it works totally fine for you for like 30 minutes then it cuts out? Or are we talking it’s just constantly hiccuping and staticy all the time?

It’s always a thing- doesn’t matter when or where. Especially over the compass it’s random if it’ll work or not maybe 50%. I think it’s especially bad if you talk while moving- I think I cut out significantly more while sliding.

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Okay, so to help track down this issue, it would be useful to divide up the Compass voice chat issues, and Proximity voice chat issues, as they are two different sub-systems in a lot of ways. I’ve heard a few people say the proximity chat is fine but the compass chat is having problems for them.

Assuming we are talking mostly about compass chat, is it possible that as you are sliding the compass is quickly switching modes? Maybe I should add like a 1-second “delay” between when you are no longer talking into the compass and when it switches back to proximity…

I get this in both, especially when partied.

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Would there be visual or audio recognition of switching if this is the case? Because there is neither while sliding and experiencing the issue. I’d say it also happens with both but it’s a lot more noticeable on the compass because you talk so much less through it.

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I mean the compass would turn from red to normal, but I’m wondering if it’s just happening really quickly so you can’t notice.

I will put some stuff in the next patch to help with that in case it’s the issue.

Other than that, I would love to hear a recording of this along with a solid measurement of frequency so I can hopefully get an idea of where the problem might be.

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I’ll try to grab Damage and do some testing asap!

i’d say at least every 10-15 minutes on regular voice

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