VR Motion Sickness, How to Help reduce it

So i have been a avid VR user for a couple of years since the first Dev kit of the oculus was made. I have played a slue of games from action like echo arena, Valor Blade and casual sitdown games like Lucky’s Tail, Star Trek etc. I have come up with a small list of what helps me get threw or prevent Motion sickness since it can last hours. If you have your own ideas please post them! I want this to be a Topic for other to find so we can have a community based List of things to help.

  1. Use a fan: The reason for this is because the fan gives your body and mind a idea of direction in the real world. I did this a while back and most of my motion sickness is gone. I have a little disorientation due to the game i was playing but it goes by much faster then i didn’t.

  2. Take Advil This is more of a prevention before going in. This will help keep your stomach and brain from feeling as if they were disconnected. With this PLEASE use in moderation and do not use it for long term.

  3. Use Mental Image This one of more of a before and after thing to do before removing the headset. Before removing the headset close your eyes and take a few seconds to imagen yourself back into the same room so you brain and body can come back from the game you played. This may sounds stupid but this works.

These are the only ones i know that help me. If you have one that helps please post it and ill update this post to keep it updated and ill credit the person who posted it.

Did these work for you? let me know!


Nice thanks :sunglasses:

I also use a fan. It seems to help. As a bonus, it seems to also help with keeping my face and the rift cooler and lens fogging down :slight_smile:
My mental trick is to just not think about it. Just like when I’m car sick. Seems to work.
I heard that ginger helps. I don’t know if its true but I do know that I’m now drinking more ginger ale. lol
Practice though seems to be key. Every time I go in, I can stay longer.

I am susceptible to VR sickness. I eat candied ginger. Couldn’t VR without it. I have my VR legs, I can do a lot more than I used to be able to, but I still need my ginger.

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Everything I try fails, and the more I try the worst it gets. I’ve been trying to develop my “VR legs” since DK1 and it’s just been brutal.

One note for VR sickness, I made a post in the feedback forums, but the airship route is a work in progress right now, and makes sharp turns and elevation changes, If you have problems with motion sickness I advise to avoid the airship until I get the route better situated. Sorry for any inconvenience.

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I tried it briefly during the stress test a couple weeks ago. I closed my eyes for most of it, but survived. :slight_smile:

What I found was when using sliding locomotion, if you start to get motion sick, step in place with your right foot and then your left. Like your walking in place. I find it helps trick the brain with an explanation as to why you are moving.

Luckily track pad locomotion no longer makes me motion sick after a year of use.