VR Sickness on this beta


I don’t know what’s going on. I usually play 4-5 hrs of orbus without any issues. I had no issues on either of the previous betas, but this one i can only play for about an hour before getting a headache. Did something change?


Nothing that I can think of that would affect VR Sickness (e.g. locomotion changes, visual changes to the camera, etc.)


There is a bug they are working on were the FPS drops. You have to toggle the graphics setting form low to high or high to low and back. Maybe this is happening and you are are not noticing and the poor FPS is making you feel bad.


i’m aware of that bug… i had 90 fps the whole time.


Actually i think the issue is that in the beta when you teleport atm, your fps drops significantly. i dont see that in live.


I’m getting smooth 90 fps everywhere I go. And, the graphics look soooo much better than they do in old orbis. The sky and distant mountains add a lot of depth to the world, makes it nice to just sit and chill. Caves are well made but should be much darker imo. I didn’t get any VR sickness however.