VR warrior instead of combos

I just started with beta 4, so I don’t know what’s been tried, or suggested.
When I found the warrior combo’s it was a little disappointing and felt like Mortal Combat combos, or Nintendo cheats (“Left Up Left Right” etc).
This is a VR game, you already seem to have hit locations. I think it would be more fun if you used them instead of combos.
For example:
Cleave- simply swing through multiple mobs. With reduced damage to each subsequent one.
Taunt- Hold your sword in front of your shield and bang them together. You could even have microphone noise increase aggro as well. That would give more realism to stealth, and have your warriors yelling at mobs (Not sure I like this one, but would be more a bit more real.)
Wound- strike certain areas which have an increased chance for critical damage (ie head).
Hamstring- strike the legs, less damage, but a reduction in move speed.
Wound 2- stabbing motion toward torso, normal damage with bleed effect DOT
Stun- using Mace strike at the head

Mobs with smaller or absent body parts would have certain protections. You couldn’t hamstring a spirit. You couldn’t stun a slime.

I just think it would be less memorization, more fun, and more real.

Just my 2 cents.


This is definitely an interesting idea. I don’t think we’d have time to re-work the Warrior this close to launch, but I could see us using some of these ideas in a future melee combat class.


I also have to say that I found combat as a warrior pretty basic. It does work and offer a lot of defense… but it doesn’t seem to get tactical. I only used warrior during the first few levels though so this might change as the game progresses.

Please make a stealth class :crazy_face: !
(The wound spell sounds better with a rogue/assassin class, let’s not mention the stun locks <3)

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I just like to bash things as fast as possible and get a work out. Although some of the videos that my wife has taken of me while bashing things quickly are very concerning. How far will I make it if I don’t use any maneuvers but my own slashing?

I really like this idea, adding some skill play into the class sounds great.

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Pls rewamp the Warrior class during Early Access, the combos arent fun at all, I like tanky classes but the combos arent intuitive, they feel wrong.
Warriors also need a pull asap, at the moment we cant pull mobs, we only can do body pulls, I died often, because I aggroed more than one mob.
Maybe you can add a short stun to the charge attack, I liked this attack a lot.
I comparision to Ranger, the Warrior fells right, but in comparision to Musketeer we are totally underpowered, maybe you can add a little dot heal for the horn or a new superpower.
I have no comparision to Runmeage because I couldn’t find the Runemage NPC Trainer.

Edit: Pls let us hit multiple mobs with one hit, it doesn’t feel right if I fight multiple mobs but I can only hit one by a time with my sword.

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Dude honestly there are too many wildly inaccurate/ completely ridiculous statements here to address.

You can get by with swinging wildly as long as your swings are large and you can do a lot of them. To be honest it is much easier for dps to just use combos even weak swings just to finish the whole combo. Your issue will be tanking, holding aggro is impossible without your aggro combo. for bosses you even need to wait a bit before damaging the boss so the tank can build threat. but f you just want to have your fun swinging wildly in sure you’ll be fine and go unnoticed as a dps in a dungeon. I recommend spamming: Left, Up, Left, Right. do that over and over and over and over and

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