Vrclient.exe wand broken can't swap or logout, can see players moving

Was doing Wagon Graveyard and after I attempted to cast an arcane orb my wand was unable to draw. I then swapped weapons, successfully, however when I pulled out my other-class weapon it was still a wand and unable to draw. Swapping back to a wand did not fix this either. Then I could not logout. I could still see players and mobs fighting and moving near me as if nothing was wrong. As I attempted to create an in-game report I was disconnected to the login screen. Vrclient.exe was crashed on my desktop. I had a black screen for some time, then the Oculus symbol appeared and everything seemed to reboot fine. I was still in game at the login screen. Reconnecting fixed the issue.

Thank you for reporting, if this happens again can you send us the full output_log.txt from C:\Users\YourName\AppData\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\output_log.txt

before restarting the game? We should be able to tell better what caused it. Thanks!

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Already logged back in but next time I’ll try to remember that.

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