Walls don't act as walls

Jumping through walls, I can’t remember the name of the town it might be wenderwood but it’s where the worg spawn just outside the town. Not sure if it’s intended or no but you can hop the wall of the town

Also, walls with collision are very sticky and you cannot slide against them using locomotion; you have to literally move away from the wall to continue moving in a desired direction. It’s my #1 complaint on the movement system - I should never have to teleport.

Also in the cave where main story quest spoiler turn in is you can go through the walls into zones that I’m 90% sure aren’t supposed to exist. Also the dungeon near the swine spawn does this too near the spider spawn in the dungeon under the bridge

I don’t really mind this too much, but I believe the upcoming content patches are going to be adding more locomotion stuff which should help. As for “I should never have to teleport,” you’re going to die in a lot of red rectangles if you don’t teleport lol


You can also teleport through the Barbarian Fort next to Guild City without having to stick your hand through.

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