Wand/Touch Angle Slider



Just a thought on allowing the adjusted position of the wand using an in-game slider setting. The controllers currently available aren’t very ergonomic for such movements and can be harmful to players that are having to cast spells over and over.
Personally with the Vive controllers, I find myself tilting my wrist to allow me to maintain a straight wand parallel to the ground so that it’s like drawing on a flat wall. If I was to grip the controller where my wrist would be most comfortable it makes the wand angle upward at roughly 45 degrees. I don’t know if anyone else has tried to cast this way but it’s more difficult than I thought it could be. I believe the oculus players have a similar issue based on how it fits in their hands but I have no experience with it first hand.
Also curious to the effect this can have on allowing left handed players the ability to cast frost 3 easier, no idea if it could help but i feel like it has potential.


I was thinking this too, I haven’t even leveled my mage yet, just play around with spells here and there, and after a few casts I can feel it in my wrist. If i could just angle the wand down slightly id be much happier.


Not sure if a change could improve my own casting, but more options are always nice. I know in space pirate trainer the controller position relative to the in game pistols infuriated me. :stuck_out_tongue:


On a slightly different note this would also be useful for the compass. Atm I can’t hold it flat and run at the same time. I can’t use it like a honing device constantly telling me where to go, have to alternate between sprinting and tilting controller to look at it.


I agree with this, having a setting that allows a player to “calibrate” how they want their hands would be good for the most part.


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