Wand unable to cast when spamming fails

When I miss a lot of casts in a row, my wand becomes inactive.

I think it’s the fact that the game bugs out due to the fail animations overlap and breaks the wand (just what i observed, after the game lags a bit then the wand stops working) switching the wand and back, it fixes. I’ve been able to break the wand a few times.

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Total sarcasm and useless advice being inserted as a joke because I enjoy playing with you and over explaining this because I want to make sure you know I’m joking: Stop being such a terrible mage and it won’t happen.


X3 I’m not that bad i swear <.< >.> >.<


I don’t know if it happens because of that… the wand not drawing has been a bug since OG and it can easily be fixed by clicking in both of the triggers.

But why doe.

Because we infused rocks with lightning and tricked them into thinking. Doesn’t mean perfectly, though. Lol

Coding mistake :man_shrugging: it replaces spell with super. And as long as you got an invisible non existing super on your wand you can’t cast. Just like having any other spell on your wand will not make you be able to cast at the same time.


Ohhhh … that makes so much no sense x3

Okay an easier to understand reason:
Its a ‘feature’

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X3 I got it. But tf would a super happen when

1 I didn’t active a super
2 I didn’t have a super charged

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