Warrior combos needs adjustments!

Is it just me or is the warrior combos feel like a car repaired with rubber bands and paper clips?

A week ago I could only pull off the provoke combo and this week I rarely ever land it.
This weeks flavor has been wound, while provoke is pretty nonexistent. How am I to tank when combos don’t land even when you’re doing it perfectly.

I feel the class is so bugged that it makes the game so difficult and can see why most people get discouraged to play.

Does the dev play their game? If so why don’t they make videos to explain to the community how to properly play the game, because surely reading the journal doesn’t help new players even when preformed correctly.

Anyone have any tips as to get your swings with sword to register perfectly so I can hold aggro? Thank you.

Playing on oculus quest 2.

If you’re doing it perfectly, it works. Do you have any videos of you trying combos? I may be able to help better that way because there’s a ton of reasons they may not be going off.

As far as tips go:

Practice on a dummy.
Exaggerate your swings at first to get an idea of where the limits are for each direction.
There’s no down swing.
Make sure your up swings come from well below the baddy’s hit box.


I’ll try out your tips.

Ok it works better but the game expects really big swings for it to work. My arm ends up smacking my walls.

You can tighten that up with practice. Most end game warriors use VERY small swings.

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So from a warrior main, I’ve found it takes time to find a good speed. If you go to fast, it won’t register. If I do it at the right speed then I get 100% accuracy. Take some time to get used to it and it will all become muscle memory.

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I would also recommend readjusting your weapon so it’s farther away from you makes swinging the sword easier. And if your shields is in front of you exaggerate your swings a bit. If it’s away from you you can tighten up the combos a bit.

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Also, has something changed recently with warriors regarding small vs big shield with provoke healing?
I was tanking in dungeon queue last week and noticed that I wasn’t healing at all doing provokes with small shield. It only worked with the big shield.

Nothing has changed

This actually helped thank you.

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