Warrior Feedback And Suggestions

So, I’ve now played about 13 hours of OrbusVR… most of which as a Warrior, although I have spent probably 2-3 hours as a Runemage as well. (Wouldn’t it be neat to be able to track how many hours with each discipline you’ve logged?)

I’d like to share my thoughts on Warriors.

Preface: Tanks are difficult to balance, because in group settings they need to be… tanks… and when soloing, they need to be able to kill stuff. I like the idea that you switch between two different shields in order to decide if you are tanking or DPSing. I must admit, I don’t like that I’m stuck with two glowy blue shields and not a real customizable shield. But that’s a subject for future versions of the game.

So, warriors have several abilities, I’d like to discuss each a bit.

Horn: Short range AoE taunt/Shield. I like that it does both, it’s great for grabbing groups quickly, but I feel the range is too small. Many times I /think/ I’m in range, and am not… when trying to chase after a mob to stop it killing another player. Can we maybe see an outline of how far it’l project while we’re holding the horn? And maybe an increase in the radius… at least for the taunt aspect of it.

Charge/Sword Rush: Probably one of our most used ability. Works fairly well, but nearly useless when trying to chase down an enemy that is running after a party member. Depending on your latency, the mob may be out of your melee range after you teleport, before you can even get a hit in… let alone a Provoke combo. It also needs more flare. At minimum, a sound effect… possibly some sort of dash animation that shows you blazing towarsd your target across the battlefield (Something like how mobs telegraph their special attacks). I’d also say a small disorientate/interrupt be applied to the target you rush. By disorientate I mean, 1-2 second slow affect. Giving us enough time to fire off a provoke or two before it runs through our hitbox and kills a party member. Or, alternatively, a 1-2 forced taunt would help. I’m saying either-or, not both. Both would be at least slightly OP. Another possibility would be to allow it to reset the cooldown on shield bash, so you could sword rush then shield bash.

Shield Bash: Underutilized by other tanks that I’ve seen thus far, but one of the few interrupts (only?) I’ve seen so far in the game, to stop that mob from healing itself or other mobs. The only issue I have with it, is half the time it fires accidently… especially at times when the mob has ended up inside my hitbox, or vise-versa. (Which is another issue entirely, which I’ll cover below.) Can we tie the shield bash to the same mechanic we use for sword hits… in that it requires a certain velocity (intentional movement)… perhaps it has it already, but I can tell you from my perspective, I accidently hit things with it constantly.

As for Cleave, Wound, Hamstring and Provoke: I’d just like to see them made more flashy… Each should have a unique sound effect, and more visual clues as to what is happening. I, for one, have trouble telling if I succeeded in doing the combo or not in the heat of battle. Cleave, obviously, already has a sound effect so it should be trivial to add one to the others. I’d also like to recommend a fifth combo, a bleed-type effect that also reduces it’s healing received while active. Give us a reason to use something other than Provoke, doing the same combo over and over can get tedius and boring.

I heard in an interview that a talent type system is planned, which would be really great. Some of the above could be something you need to talent-into.

So, moving on. Runemages have the ability to increase their damage by drawing perfect runes, Warriors damage depends on how wide and fast your sword swings are… I’d like to suggest a mechanic where perfectly timed blocks and a counter attack add additional damage. Meaning you put up your shield just in time to block an attack, and counter. Rather than just holding up your shield. I am not sure if the technology supports such a thing, but thought it was an interesting idea.

Finally, let’s talk about hitboxes. During fights, especially when chasing a mob or during initial pull, they either end up inside my hitbox, or I end up inside theirs… Which is really hard to correct. You need to basically teleport away, but only just slightly enough so you are still in melee range otherwise you’ll end up making multible teleports, possibly while a party member is dying. I’m not sure how to solve this, really, but it definitely needs some tweaking.

This is not meant to be a negative post, please don’t take it as such. These are just my thoughts as a person who enjoys the game and wants to see it continue to improve and succeed.


I personally hate that warriors rely on the other classes to pull things out of a pack, but then because of that they struggle to pick up threat before the pulled mob rearranges the DPS’s face due to the movement.

I wish we had some kind of ranged option, and I also wish that charge rooted things for a small time or perhaps had a threat modifier on it. I have no idea how you would fix the hitbox issues but overall it’s really a test of patience to play a warrior at the moment.


This is a great post and these have all been issues for me as well.

Horn proximity has been a problem in big groups that I failed to get proper aggro on all mobs. If they split into two groups I usually can’t grab both with the Horn. I do not like the idea of putting a visual guide, though that maybe the easiest answer. It may be as simple as learning the radius more accurately.

Absolutely love your idea of a slow/stun upon Sword Rush. It bothers me that I have to charge in shield bash and then blow the horn to pull aggro on a single rebel mob. As you said there usually isn’t enough time to pop provoke if your dps runs when they aggro.

All the warrior moves would benefit from more flashy animations. Most of them make sounds you can pick up on. However, if they sent waves of energy off or sparked or gashed-blood anything would break up the ambiguous movements that start to set in on longer fights. They would feel more rewarding. How would you do them if it was your call?

I was just thinking about another combo…I was disappointed Wound was not a bleed. Instead of adding a new combo for the bleed effect; what if Wound or Cleave had a small stackable bleed effect? It would certainly help tanks hold aggro with that big ol’bulky shield. To me this game feels a lot like Zelda and FF, what would you think if a new combo had a flashy sword move like Link’s charged slash or FF’s sword abilities?

Would a sword slash like in the VR game Sairento work for your ranged needs? It’s an energy-wave-projectile sent from your blade that fans out. Or how about a silver throwing dagger that hits a single target in a precise straight strike!? I really like that!

Anyways thanks for the post it gave me a lot of interesting ideas to think about. Hope to see you in Täella-Oso!


Great post, great ideas, and great responses.

I have similar difficulties. I envy how other classes can pull a single monster from a distance, and because I can’t, every group battle starts with me way behind on threat.

As simple solution ideas, I’d like to suggest the following:

  • Sword Rush could count as the first swing of any combo, allowing you to get a cleave, hamstring, provoke, or other combination one swing faster.
  • Shield Bash could count as a “universal swing,” allowing you to get a cleave, hamstring, provoke, or other combination one swing faster.
  • (As others have said,) Sword Rush could apply a short slow or root to the target, allowing a warrior to reposition after using their only gap closer.
  • (As Michael_T2 said,) add additional threat to Shield Bash, but make it require the shield to travel significant distance (like sword attacks) in order to not have it go off accidentally when a monster just brushes your shield.
  • Allow allied ranged attacks to go through the warrior, because a warrior that can’t hold threat, that can’t stick to a fast-moving monster, and that gets in the way of teammate spells/attacks can make you more of a hinderance than a help.

And, for the sake of my arm…

  • You could relax the requirements for an upward slash, allowing them to be slightly diagonal and still count. There are few enough combos that you could recognize a diagonal stroke that’s in between two stroke types to count as the intended one for the combo in progress. For example, perhaps the double upslash for Cleave could more generously be a “X” shape drawn with two upward strokes.
  • You could make the hitbox (blade) of the sword “wider” or “thicker,” so that we don’t miss a stroke in the middle of a combo that ruins the last 2-3 seconds of damage or threat building. Whiffing that slash in the middle of a combo reduces you to swatting an enemy for minimal damage.

I love the game! Kudos on your great work.


About trying to chase down mobs -
What if you could charge with your shield hand too which would stun the enemy using your shield bash cooldown? It’s basically the same as using charge now while holding your shield arm out IF you manage to land within reach.

Also warriors could use a ranged taunt. Maybe a gesture like this would set it off? https://static1.gamespot.com/uploads/original/255/2550934/2895483-3402964276-tumbl.jpg


Ryan, those are 2 awesome ideas!

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You can change the angles of your swings for all combos. Cleave with diagonals, finishing wound with a downward left to right swing. Be creative

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My only issue with charge is I usually end up inside the enemy and I can’t TP out for a second or two to start hitting them, and by then they’ve already ran off.

I imagine this is less of an issue for people with huge playspaces that can just jump back a foot or two at any given time, but for the rest of us it’s pretty unfortunate.


there needs to be an easier way to provoke and especially on a mob farther away

it would be nice if charge didn’t put us inside monsters too but i can’t be too picky, it’s just frustrating that you have to teleport a tiny bit away after charging to be able to get provoke combo off smoothly and that’s if the mob doesn’t keep on running after someone

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I play the warrior for nearly 8 hours and I have a muscular strain. Insanity. :smiley:

Please, excuse my bad english. Its not my native language.

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I am only level 6 so far but most of that is from grinding mobs… I am worried Warrior does not feel all that engaing.
I think making warriors have to manage a few other things would make the class much more engaging then spamming provoke to keep threat and then just using cleave or wound depending on number of targets…

I would suggest a few things to add to the warriors arsenal considering they have the least amount of ‘spells’

Add a DoT combo swing, this would add a bit more to the ‘rotation of the warrior’ as you would want to keep uptime on it, this means you would have to make decision making like, do I want to use my next combo to cast wound or do I need to start my combo for Reapplying my DoT

Add 2 different mitigation combos… I think adding 2 defensive swings to keep a buff on yourself would also improve gameplay. Make them exclusive to one another so only one can be up at any given time, The player can then use proper combos to put up the right type of mitigation for the upcoming damage they will be taking. This will improve the skill ceiling a lot on the warrior as they will need to learn how to best mitigate damage as of right now, blocking is not overly difficult.

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