Warrior isn’t dead it’s just not seen very often

I’ve made this thread to describe what I think about warrior, I feel that new players see more palis and are obligated to switch to Pali than stay as a warrior if they chose it. I think the fact is that Pali is picked more because in highstep you see lvl 30 people and when you are a new player you look up to them and want advice, sometimes I see lvl 30 warriors wandering around but that’s a chance I’ve only experienced a few times. Old players in pre-born have a reason to say warriors are not as good as back then but I wouldn’t know because i am not a pre-born player. I often find a Pali teaching another pali, the teacher is normally a lvl 30. I find a warrior teaching a warrior I normally see the teacher lvl 10-.
I’m only saying I don’t see them as often because either the game has a secret lvl 30 warrior shard or the warriors are not spotted as often around the places I hang around at.

All I’m saying is if your a warrior stay a warrior because your of the few among the many, and that makes you special.

I have a few questions for warriors:

1: what’s the most damage you can do?

2: did you first use this class or use Pali?

3: do you think Pali is is better or worse?

4: why should new players play this class and stay with it?

5: where are you hiding???

I ask these here because I can’t ask a warrior in game if I can’t find a warrior in game.

Warriors are far more common than you think. The reason you don’t see them often is because solo play as a Warrior is slow. Warrior players switch to other classes unless they’re playing in group content as a tank.

Regarding your questions:

1: I don’t know. I purposefully don’t deal damage because my job is to Provoke, not deal damage.

2: Warrior, because Paladin wasn’t in Preborn.

3: neither. I play Paladin when I feel like the dps isn’t going to pull aggro off me. I play Warrior to keep aggro/no healer some bosses.

4: it’s more engaging and active than Paladin, and you won’t deal with losing aggro as much.

5: As a Ranger because solo play as Warrior is not fun.

I spent a lot of time in the starting area just listening and helping the sprouts when I can, and a lot of them talk about how they don’t understand or can’t do the combo’s correctly and eventually they give up and start leveling as something else.

i love playing my warrior but the fellowship i am in always wants pally tank and give me hard time its makes me unhappy to login to play warrior or hope in orbus and i lost my abilities to run warrior in the fellowship i an in do now i just dps

Sounds like you need to join another fellowship :wink:


no i just deal with it buy farming mobs to pass the time

This is irrelevant as your job is agro. Damage is however why you don’t see warriors around anymore; the new players don’t understand how to play the class in a way to get good damage for overworld mobs so they assume the class is bad and swap to pally most of the time. Wound + Small shield actually does a decent chunk of damage on overworld enemies at any level, the fact that warrior has no real healing out of the gate like pally and does not bring high damage to the table makes people swap and never really try warrior.

Like Mishka a warrior as pally did not exist back in oldbus; however I still play warrior over pally on all but one boss and if im trying to keep agro on that boss I play warrior anyway.

In regular casual play both are equally viable but warrior would be better just due to better agro gen and better survivability. That being said pally is actually better in the top tier content as long as you can keep agro as it does more damage and therefore can get a boss to die quicker. There are tradeoffs to each class but both are viable and good options as tanks.

Warrior when learned is way easier to keep agro on and with proper game knowledge leads to better survivability for players. Pally is infamous for having poor (or seemingly poor) agro gen and at low level content it can feel discouraging for players to constantly pull agro off of you. Learning warrior is hard but allows typically brutal fights like lich king where you don’t know if a crit is going to one shot you to become cakewalks where the boss never actually does any damage to you, only his adds do.

This is classified information of the warriors code and as such I cannot tell you.