Warrior shield does not work in PVP


I don’t go into the wilds often, but when I have I am unable to block ranger arrows with the warrior shield. It makes warriors useless and unfun in PVP.


the shield on warrior only blocks the area it is shown to be, so u can easily get shot under, above and around it which is most noticable when using a dps shield


I’ve never heard my shield block a single ranger arrow once. I’ve used both big and small.


also, I’ve watched charged and normal shots go right through my shield.


if u want we can go into the pvp arena and test it since its the same shield vs the same weapons, because there have been many times that i have broken a shield and made it go red


as a main tank ive blocked many arrows and spells before with my shield, like kamina said it can just go under or above you,


Here is a video of the shield not working. What we found is that when the shield is close to my face (about 6ish inches away) then the shield does not block any arrows.

This is where I hold my shield when I normally play, so it’s obvious why I thought it just was not working at all.

In the video: first 30 seconds are me holding the shield about 1 ft out. At 30 seconds in I move the shield to 1/2 ft. Then all shots go through the shield.


Yeah that’s probably just your hitbox extending just past the shield’s.


Also, I’ve confirmed that the blocking sound is not working when a successful block is done for PC hits.


@Riley_D to avoid issues such as play style stopping the shield from blocking, would it be possible to increase the z thickness of the shields hitbox? I think that might solve the problem. Is that possible?


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