Warrior - Shield should block range attacks

Why I personally go pally over warrior:

  • I can keep aggro on all trash mobs including bolters. To keep up the max dps of the group. They can dodge, but I want to mobs to die faster.
  • I can stand far enough away from mobs that they don’t move with their ‘dodge’ mechanic while still hitting them. Impossible for warrior.
  • I add actually dps to the group, definatelly on big mob groups. Single target we can find that neglitable for max dps groups.
  • Pally hammer throw makes the class faster at going to the next group before the dps. Warrior too with sword rush. But less fast and more buggy.
  • More than 1 stun at the same time, making any break it problem fixable by myself. Not dps problem lowering dps. Also if multiple mobs interrupt same thing.
  • Possibilty to stunlock to lower dying speed. When done right in the right situation, even more survivability than warrior.

When would I select warrior?:

  • When I need a transmog.
  • When I feel like it.
  • When I am no healering Mutated Rat, Mistkeeper or Minotaur. Only those bosses, and only me. Almost no one else in the game.

Conclusion, warrior for max efficiency and usefulness endgame is almost always the inferior class.


I agree that warrior should be able to block ranged attacks, but not magic. Pistol Scavs in particular are a ridiculous pain in the ass for warrior, and projectiles move a decent bit faster than spells do so this would make pvp interesting too as you can maybe block the initial “one shot” from scoundrel while you charge your house teleport XD

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