Warriors and their shields

When I first started playing everything seemed great and I got to level 3 pretty quickly then there was a weird crash and when I came back it seemed like my shield was blocking almost every swing I would make. I don’t know if its just me or not but it seems like I need to move my shield a lot farther then I ever had to before and it almost seems useless to have a shield now since the only way I can hit monsters is but completely not using my shield.

Hmmm, we did fix a bug where the hit detection on the shield wasn’t working, but that was yesterday afternoon, I believe. Was that when it changed?

The way it is now should be pretty close to how we want it long-term. The idea is that yes you have to move the shield out of the way if you want to attack a monster.

Although honestly what I’m toying with the idea of doing is just making it so that if your attack is blocked it just dampens it instead of blocks it completely…that might be the best solution.

But at the end of the day, the core class mechanic is blocks alternating with strikes. When I play the Warrior I move my shield in front of me, to block the attack, then move it far away to my left so I have a wide open attack, then move it back, etc.

it was yesterday. It is pretty bad to the point I don’t even block most of the time, it makes doing combos a lot harder because you swing fast to try and get the 4 swings in between blocks and all it takes is one missed swing. I have fairly good accuracy to and its still hard. If my shield is not completely at my side farther then it should be it blocks.

Okay, I will look into it for sure.

Just to be clear, the combo attacks should keep find between blocks. So you should be able to do like left, up <pause for 2 seconds to block attack with shield>, left, right and it would still work.

is there any kind of time limit required between attacks to register? Like if I swing to fast would some of the attacks not register?

Also when the shield is red does it still block your attacks?

When the shield is red it does not block your own attacks anymore because it won’t block enemy attacks. If your shield is positioned so you would block the enemy, it will block you too. Yesterday the shield was blocking everything regardless of where you placed it. They fixed that so, yes, you have to move the shield but it’s much more forgiving. You can attack very fast and it will still register hits but there is a cap. Most warriors won’t swing fast enough to hit that cap.


I don’t think there should be a cap it really messes with combos. They could put some sort of timer on a swing where if you swing faster then the timer it does a reduced damage based on the percentage of the timer but completely missing really screws with combos.

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Also just want to say this while I have you attention. I Love the game and the amount of dedication you guys put into it. Thanks for for being on top of problems and being so helpful.


Are we getting a damage boost for warriors? :slight_smile: puhleeeez

I’ve noticed as a warrior using the small shield you can solo 2 4-star red enemies at once as long as you make few mistakes. You have to attack fast and not miss combos, but it’s possible. Damage wise it feels pretty solid right now.

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You got more experience than me so i’ll take your word for it :slight_smile: hope it’s not as stark a difference as it is right now. archers and mages almost 1shot everything

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The tank won’t ever do quite as much damage as the dps classes because then what is the point of having different classes haha the warrior has so much survivability comparatively.

While it’s nice to do some damage it’s also a little rough getting 2 shot by everything- it’s all a trade off.

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You’re right. Orbus just needed an actual dedicated melee DPS and warrior isn’t that. Im just gonna go musketeer since healers will always be useful and you can level one sitting down XD

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