Warrior's skill

I need Warrior’s skill activation effect. It is difficult to confirm the success and failure of the skill now.

Noticeable effects, display of skill names triggered by text, etc.

Hi Jung, if you go to a training dummy and do the combos you will see that each combo has unique completion effects already :slight_smile: @Logan the top warrior can let me know if I’m wrong at all


There are soundeffects and debuff icons only, are there not? I also think a animation or short color change on the enemy would be a lot better. Maybe having the enemy rotate or having him pushed back a littl… color change, expression change… there are probably lots of things that could be done in this regard… but the same is true for nearly all Ranger arrows… all I got it the Soundeffekte and debuff icon. When I poison an enemy I’d love to see poison bubbles flow out of his head… or a pierce arrow could get stuck in the enemy… stuff like that. Better visual indicators

The damage attack splashes orange i think.
the taunt splashes purple.
the aoe sends a light blue horizontal wave out.
and slow i have no idea because it’s worthless. it does leave a rebuff though.
all of the combos (i don’t know about the slow) play a rather loud noise when you complete the combo.

Each effect triggers off the final strike. Each effect occurs where the final strike hits. Provoke- purple splash looking thing. Wound- yellow. Cleave- boom sound effect, horizontal shockwave effect, all enemies take damage(you see red numbers). Hamstring- a debuff icon appears on their bar and they’re noticeable slower

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are they really that much slower tho? :wink: I haven’t used it since beta and it was useless in beta (but i’m a noob lvl 10 right now so what do i know)

It’s better. Very situational but functional

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