Wasn’t there a gauntlet/fish class planned?


Hello everybody,
I haven’t been playing for a long long time and just read about the bard class and the planned shaman. Now I am not sure if I am just making things up, but wasn’t a fist-based class planned too? Does anybody know if this is still a thing?

Also, is gunner playable solo nowadays?

Thx in advance


I believe it was suspected. No confirmation yet on what the melee class will be.

Gunners are fine solo in most cases. They just take forever to kill certain enemies (healers especially).


One of the devs has stated that most of the class development has gone towards Bard with some to shaman which means they haven’t solidified the other 2 classes yet.


You can play musky solo, its easiest with full heals


Do you mean the musky? I play the game since it came out in EA and it is the easiest class to play solo, actually, imho… you can outheal mobs which are above you in levels and unlike the mage or ranger the class is very forgiving if you suck at aiming/casting.

To kill healers, they are not a huge problem - if you really have to kill them just shoot them from afar, poison them while they are running and they are down before they even reach you or start doing anything.


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