We need some pride

I this it would be sick if we could get some pride flag capes for pride month. Idk just a thought I had


Maybe a furniture item you can put in your house. Some players may like that.



I can work on a rainbow dragon. :thinking:

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I feel like furniture would be the safest way to do this since I can name a few very very homophobic members of the community who I would not doubt to cause issues and make people feel unsafe.

So what? You don’t have to wear the cape if you’re not comfortable enough to do so, but having the option would be great.
Heck, I’d wear it in support.

And if people are being homophobic, report and block them.


Its pride for a reason, I know mannnyyy players in the community who wanted this since last year. We out number the homophobic and as @Ă…smund_T said, you can always block them


with the amount of shitposters in this community id be more worried about the homophobes feeling unsafe tbh


I just ment that decorating highsteppe maybe going too far. Furniture for your own house for those that want understated. A cape or pet for those who want to let others know their support.

I will be keeping my Ukrainian coloured mouse dragon for now.

Also, to all who it applies, Happy pride :rainbow::purple_heart:


If those people choose to do that, they can enjoy losing their accounts.


you’d be surprised how easy it is to get another account and not get banned for it

You have to be liked in the community for that, there’s a reason Jackbro and Brospeed had to either quit or go mute

my man just called then out :skull:. I know one of then still plays and is indeed mute.

Oh, God No… add furniture I couldn’t care but why in the world would you add capes. Listen this is a hot take and as of now I couldn’t care what people think, roast me, trash talk me, I don’t care. At the end of the day, it’s my opinion and I am allowed to voice it. Even people in my school people have been wearing pride capes, by them doing this it seems more like an act of attention-seeking compared to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Now that being said no, I am not homophobic I’m fine with people being gay but when people act as if they’re gay strictly for attention that is when a fine line needs to be drawn.


You’re fine with people being gay as long as they keep it to themselves… that is homophobic.


thats not what he said. i happen to agree with tri and if you know anything about me, then your statement isnt going to make sense.

“disliking of gay people or other related LGBTQ+ members” that is homophobia and even at that, I currently live in a generation were I have to confirm that who I’m dating is who they actually are and to be quite honest that is quite concerning. So, yeah it is reasonable for people that act “strange” around others in public like meowing for no apparent reason that I would prefer for them to keep it to their self.

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Orbus is a global community, and some of that globe still systematically prosecutes people for stating that they are in the LGBTQ+ community. Pride began with a riot from people being harassed and killed for being in that community. The truth is pride is not about stating your own personal preferences for sex or gender. Pride is about stating that you believe the LGBTQ+ community has a right to not be discriminated or persecuted for any of those choices. Even if some people are doing that just for show, it still seems like something worth stating.

The fact that you started with “this is my opinion and I’m allowed to voice it” is all that asking for a pride flag/ cape is about. People collectively may have an opinion and want to be able to voice it. Not everyone and nobody has to do it. You’re not homophobic if you don’t want to wear it. You’re not gay if you do. Everybody can make their own personal decision.

Ultimately it is up to the devs to decide if, as an organization, they want to do something to support that community. People will be on both sides of it regardless because it is still a relevant political issue today.

Also, if you don’t want to hear people meowing, you should be protesting the cat ears existence in game just as much.


he was using the meowing as an example of something people do (walk around with collars and stuff and meow irl). not attacking cat ears lol.

The cat ears are cosmetic and even if I do dislike them meowing around town and in raids is not only weird but actually against TOS, it’s considered mic spamming.

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