Weak points and headshots


First off, I wanna say that what the devs are doing with the combat in reborn is heading in the right direction, so kudos on making the monsters move around more, and for including dodging, both of which do improve the fights.

Now about weak points… I know this has been brought up a few times as a suggestion before, but with a huge update about to launch, maybe a dev can give a definitive answer on whether that’ll ever be a feature.

I honestly think that taking the precise aiming that’s available in VR and simplifying it to the point where a shot in the foot is worth as much as a shot to the head is quite a missed opportunity. It would make all ranged classes more fun to play, and everyone knows that especially the ranger needs to be more fun.

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Wouldn’t that make the mage class the most OP? If headshots did more damage all I have to do is point my wand were as the ranger will have to skillshot. I love the idea of weakpoints, but maybe have it in the form of an Ult like Mcree in overwatch


also how would aoes work with these, as both shaman and mage have great aoes but rangers how none


Aoe would still be standard damage, I guess, since the point of weak spots is precision… Not a huge damage increase is required, but anything will feel rewarding imo


All the players viable concerns aside, I have a feeling that this isn’t possible to implement without some major reworking, and isn’t even in the devs plans… I’d be ok with it if it can’t be done, but I don’t believe this issue has been officially addressed any of the times it was brought up.

Can one of the devs confirm?


It’s not as easy as you think it would be, especially if you are chain casting and with the new enemy ai. Trying to hit someone in PvP in the head would be very difficult. I think rangers would have it easier trying to get a head shot which would make more sense for a ranger.

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I know Paul wasn’t specific, but I assumed he was talking about PVE. PVP is a whole different problem to tackle. I like that you jumped at me claiming it’s difficult in PVP though :slight_smile:

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lol, we would need bigger heads and some legs. It would be funny to hit someones leg and they take a movement penalty or you hit their head and their screen gets blurry.


That’s a terrific idea about movement speed and blurry vision, could also apply a disarm if shot in the hand, or stop all your adventuring altogether if shot in the knee😂 lol jk, really I do like that idea, that last one aside. Also, I was indeed referring to pve, especially with giant monsters that become an aimless borefest, but as you’ve demonstrated, just as viable for pvp, with added effects on top, too, which gives it multiple purposes.

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they seem to be hard at work, however I do think this is a great idea hopefully they will get around to it after reborn, if they agree

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