Website update -- more information on the game!

Hey all,

We’ve been meaning for a while now to sit down and actually start putting together some information about the long-term plans for the game. In conjunction with that, we wanted to start updating the home page of the site so that it does a better job at explaining and showing what the game is to new players.

I’m pleased to announce that today our homepage redesign went live, which you can see here:

I’ll continue to update that page as we move forward when we add new classes, new gameplay features, etc.

If you have any questions about the content on that page, feel free to ask about it here and I’ll answer it if I can.



OMG this looks awesome! Even with the limited information we currently have, it’s still way more interesting than my suggested story (but i still want tacos to be currency). The ability to be able to harm other players seems really interesting, and will make people a lot less trusting, but it’ll still be fun. On that note i have a suggestion, you should add a crime log in the menu where you can see all the crimes committed on you and the crimes you committed. Then if you were the victim, and the crime was an accident, lets say you accidentally walked in front of someone’s attack, you can go to that crime and hit forgive player to get rid of the bounty on that player so they won’t be attacked by the guild or by any bounty hunter players. Also is there going to be a thief-like class that you can use to pick pockets with, like currency(tacos), low weight items, and things like that. But ya, the story looks awesome, and i would love to know more about some of those names, and their significance and i cannot wait until the next stress test!

The home page looks great. Haven’t had the time to check it out until now, but I appreciate the breakdowns that you’ve put on there. I love the idea of The Guild. I also noticed that you have a lot of names being thrown around. Laegonelle for example. Is there any place that one could read more about this place or the other canon names mentioned or are they still in the process of development?

Cheers, and I can’t wait to hop back in at the next test.

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Yeah I haven’t fully figured out how the whole “accidentally harming someone” thing is going to work. In the Wilds where it’s a free-for-all anyway it’s no biggie, but in places where you can get a bounty put on your head there will probably be a warning that pops up first that says something like “You are attacking so-and-so, if you continue to do so you will receive a bounty.” That or maybe in the areas where you are allowed to attack people but you would get a bounty you have to specifically enable a “rogue” mode (not something that would show to other players, just a personal “safety switch” you can flip on).

What you see on the site is pretty much the extent to which we have released lore on the game. Some of it is still in development, and then in addition a lot of it you will just learn by playing – I don’t really want to do just a massive lore dump on the site, I’d rather just have whatever you can find out in the game be what you know about the history of the world. Laegonelle for example is something you will definitely hear stories about in the game, but since it existed hundreds of years ago the stories have sort of shifted into legends and myths by now…

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Also I love all the SAO references like the way you opened the menu in the demo video, and all the features, and it’s awesome! What would be awesome is if you made it so in order to open the menu, you had to hold down the menu button and swipe down. Also will there be player guilds, or alliances, which would be awesome, like a bounty hunter guild or something like that, or an assassin guild, or theif guild, or crafting or fishing guilds. Also, advanced character creation would be awesome. I cannot wait to see the final product! Please! Take my money!