Welcome to Closed Alpha 2!

Today’s the day! Closed Alpha 2 begins in just a short time. Here’s what you need to know:

Blog Post highlighting the changes and welcoming our new players.

Patch Notes for our veterans letting you know what’s changed.

Client Download if you need to install the game. If you already had the game installed, just run the Launcher and it will auto-update to the newest version.

Feedback Thread for questions and bug reports during the test.

See you in-game soon!


“The groups of enemies in the Dungeon have been re-tuned to account for the new ability of the Runemage to polymorph an enemy.”

So now bringing a runemage to the dungeon is prettymuch a requirement.

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The Harvesting page referenced in the patch notes didn’t exist. I added a stub in from the information we have seen elsewhere but if anyone has anything to add please improve the page.

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The Ranger and Musketeer will also have hard CC options as well once their reworks are in, so really it will eventually be tuned to assume you have 2 hard CC available. But for now yes that does mean a Runemage is pretty much a requirement for one of the slots.

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Here’s a quick video I made that shows the new Runemage spells in action:


Awesome! We couldn’t attend the first Closed Alpha, but we are doing this one. Going in now <3

Glad you were able to make it, hope you have fun!

It seems that the optimal party for doing the dungeon is 1 Warrior, 2 Musketeers, 1 Ranger, & 1 Runemage. If your arrangement is too different, the dungeon can be very difficult. I’m looking forward to the Musketeer rework, the current randomness of the Musketeer orbs doesn’t work well in boss fights, at least it doesn’t when you’re the only one in the group that is level 8.

I do find it interesting that enemies now are faster at attacking the healers after the tanks go down & am glad that warriors have a better time holding the enemies attention. I may play more warrior now thanks to the changes since the last update.

One odd bug that I’ve seen so far today is the fact that no warriors have visible shields, others comented that mine was missing to them as well, showing an empty hand. Also the blue gauge on the shield seems to always be empty today, so the shield doesn’t go down, unless you stamp it into the ground. Once the shield comes back, the blue bar remains empty & will block everything.

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Haha idk about that we just ran warrior, musketeer, and 3 runemage and it took maybe 20 minutes. Just blew through it since runemage has such high dps right now.

The full party polymorphs to single target mobs helped a ton as well. Just polymorph the group, focus fireball on the remaining mob and it drops.