Welp I’m forever going to be in the pvp battlegrounds arena

Um so like can I get out of here or am I just stuck forever the timer isn’t going down I restarted my game I have no runemage regents and no home teleport and the leader board didn’t pop up when the game ended soooooooo… HELP ME I DONT LIKE BEING ALONE WITH NOBODY AS A MUSKETEER I MUST HEAL PEOPLE. Anyways help it would be appreciated. Not going to lie though after an hour of walking in a circle I kinda feel like I’m never going to escape.

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When you restarted, did you just log out/in, or close the whole program and open it again?

I’ve logged out and logged in I restarted my headset and even hard reset my WiFi because my toaster wasn’t working, I was trying to make bagels to cure my loneliness

Oh man, if the toaster didn’t fix it you may be stuck there…forever…

or until @Mathieu_D comes to the rescue.

Probably forever though.

Wait, what were you going to do to the bagel that it would help with the loneliness :open_mouth:

That’s a secret

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Can someone trade with me from highstep to the battleground

Day 30 - it’s getting dark and my musket is getting rusty I’ve never felt so lonely before I even thought about asking a dev for a blanket but that wouldn’t cure my loneliness. I found a squirrel and shot it with a net gun it turned into a bag and after that I decided to stay away from the paladin hammer because normally squirrels don’t turn into bags. I might not make it back but I want you guys to know that bagel tasted better without being warmed up by my WiFi toaster. Goodbye my fri…

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Day 74 - I have made a plan to get back. Mishka I’m going to need you to build up with your obsidian knowing Minecraft I should be able to see the tower from where I am and maybe you can bridge your way to me. It’s getting cold I change my mind about the blanket. I might be able to get out of here but first I must brave the witch crafts of squirrels turning into bags.

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Day -3075366327973257424674357742 - …s…o…c…o.l…d

I didn’t even get to see if my rouge class would make it into the game. I might have to resort to making a new character. I’m getting so cold and I’m losing my breathe may a new puq arise my new name will be qup because I’m to lazy to make a cool name.

Try clicking enter raid.

It says your party must be out of an existing match to queue up for another

Log out first, then let me know your character name, and I should be able to get you unstuck. Sorry about that.

I’m saved by a brave hero who will save the adventurer puq (my name is puq)

Tell me when to log back in, I don’t know what triggered this glitch but I can say I’m not playing pvp for a while because I’m scared of that squirrel that turned into a bag.

Should be good!

Thanks, it worked

And so our hero continued, what adventures may face him next ? What monstrous beasts will he slay! Find out tomorrow on the next episode of this is a cringe joke.

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