Wenderwood Shards


Wenderwood shards dungeons are face roll easy. Groups that luck into Wenderwood or Jungle higher tier shards hit the RNG jackpot. I think both should be removed above T4.


You have to throw skywalk in there as well. The jungle gets harder at higher levels b/c of the trash and any mistake you make or d/c you get screwed on time.


i would argue if you dc or make a mistake on squiddie at 6+ you are screwed.


Crab can be quite unforgiving with its messed up attack pattern.
I defiantly would prefer adding something instead of removing it


I think the dungeons should all be thoughtfully balanced at each tier. Remove them? Come on.


Clearly this isn’t going to happen anytime soon, so yes, removing them seems reasonable.


Why would you want content removed from the game? You can consider these stepping stones for others if you find them too easy then you skip them and do tradu crypt instead, the elitest attitude coming from you guys stinks


Hmm, so you don’t think there’s a race to get a T10 Wenderwood shard?


Sorry you feel that way! Really surprised at this reaction.


Let’s say they remove Maeo’s Sanctum and Skywalk, then the easiest dungeons will be Desert and Rainforest and it will be the same story until Tradu Crypt is the only shard dungeon.
Content shouldn’t be removed, it should be balanced. I know it’s not happening soon but removing it wouldn’t completely solve the issue, they said they were working on it so we just need to wait.


I’m saying who cares even if there is. The game should be balanced, so we can enjoy all the dungeons at any tier. Congratulations if you clear a T10 Wenderwood when it is easy, everyone will know it was easy. We will golf clap and not care much if someone does. BFD.

Edit: Just like when Sanyael was killed first after the server was live by a group standing in a ton of stacking life wells and ignoring the mechanics. Ok, they got the first kill but it required no skill and everyone knows it. Life well was fixed and they couldn’t farm it.


Well, there are only a couple dozen people running shards as is, so it’s already not a BFD as you put it.

I should clarify, Wenderwood is so much easier than the other dungeons that I’m not sure it could be balanced.


Therein lies the problem, spending a ridiculous amount of time pushing keys up to a high level and then consistently getting bad RNG is not enjoyable. Since balancing the dungeon difficulty probably isn’t going to happen any time soon, one quick way to reduce the RNG in the meantime is to remove the outliers.


We are monitoring the balance of the dungeons and would rather be making modifications if necessary, rather than removing content from the game - of course the system shouldn’t revolve around hoping to get a specific easiest one. That’s not fun for anyone.

What in particular would you say makes it much easier than the others? This is the first major discussion that I’ve seen talking about it.


In my opinion from the easiest:

Maeo’s Sanctum and Tradu Skywalk (easy bosses)
Rainforest Grove
Desert Crypt (There are too many elites, bosses are pretty easy)
Tradu Lab and Forest (i need to test it again, Forest might be easier after the bug fix)
Tradu Crypt (There is a “Game Over” screen when you get this shard :stuck_out_tongue:)


Uncomplicated boss fights that require little coordination and are extremely forgiving.

The trash mobs don’t have as powerful of healers as in the other dungeons, and are easily navigated.

At no point is there a significant DPS, healing, tank, or strategic planning check.


I would just like to be the first to officially thank the community here for notifying the dev team of the only thing I’m good at doing in shards: wenderwood. Thanks guys. I’ll try to git gud, but it’s gonna be a long, uphill battle.


Crab needs a new mechanic, plus The golam guy is easy to the point we sometimes don’t use a healer. They are perfect for level 8 because that is a starter dungeon. If you could add some sort of mechanic to crab and maybe the last guy add a harder AOE or poison. The trash mobs I think are fine.


Regarding the difficulty, adds could hit harder, they are relatively unthreatening at any level,compared to other dungeons. But them evploding with the new mutation makes it hard because it’s a tight space. The big crab hits too weak as well, I don’t even block his hits until a t6 and getting out of the aoe is mostly optional. The final golem is probably unfixable, just not meant to be 20ed. What little damage he does is offset by him not hitting you for ten seconds when you drop a stalagtight on him. And good groups can walk him to another before he can get a hit in making muskies unneccerry for the fight.


The easiest way balance and to fix RNG is to have the dungeons in a set order all the way through 10. The mutations would still be random but the dungeons would be fixed. Mark sanctum and crypt could be a lower level shard and easier balanced.