Wenderwood Shards


Johann, you’re absolutely right. Wish this had been implemented.

I was genuinely surprised to find out Wenderwood was available after T2!


I like Johann’s idea, but maybe instead of fixed cycle, just take out, or reduce the likelihood of meos and crypt at higher level shards.


It lacks things that make other dungeons difficult.

For instance, aggro swap mechanics (Like tank keeper or even Migo Kelpies) or fights that pretty much require DPS/Muskets to tank (worm boss), or even worse both swap and off-tanking (Soul keeper) do not scale well.

In general, crit damage is way too swingy in this game, that is only amplified by the scaling mechanics. This isn’t a big deal in wenderwood because the last boss hardly ever hits the tanks, but is a huge issue in something like labs.

Other instances, like desert, have trash mobs that are way over-tuned, this definitely has been mentioned many times.

The only thing wenderwood has that can add time in other dungeons is a vanishing/damage reduction phase on the last boss. On certain encounters like the vine boss in jungle or soul keeper, similar mechanics add a ton of time to the fights. This doesn’t happen with the rock boss in wenderwood because the immune/reduction time is very low.


If they aren’t fixed I think we run into the same Problem as before with everyone hoping to get skywalk or rainforest. Either way I think it would be a step in the right direction.


I disagree with removing any dungeon. I love the randomness of it. Just needs balance. Even with no change I think the system is fun and challenging. I would rather no change than removing the RNG.


all the dungeons are different difficulties, you dont see anyone doing crypt because of how hard it is, it is impossible to equally match all the difficulties of all dungeions

you are also talking about removing good content which the devs have to keep on track


Good is a very subjective term and this entire thread is a discussion about why many people don’t feel that the disparity between difficulties is “good.” It might be more helpful if you could explain why you believe that the vast difference in difficulty is “good,” especially at higher levels where differences in scaling are much more prominent.


fern is talking about removing the dungeons, i never said the difference in difficulty is a good thing, if they could be more balanced it would be nice but removing them is a complete different thing


I agree with this. I really enjoy doing high level wenderwoods and still struggle with the team at 6+ skywalks anyway… jungle has fun challenging trash also.


I agree with Johann. I wish hard mode dungeon tiers would just be fixed at a specific dungeon with a specific mutation.

This game in general has too much RNG.


The only real solution is to balance all the dungeons. Removing content or restricting them doesn’t really solve the issue. You’ll only start complaining about how at T6+ you only get dungeons that are unbalanced or too difficult with unbalanced mutations.

You’d be surprised at what players are talking about off the forums where people are a bit more respectful because its a public forum. The gist is that shards are untested and unbalanced and progression is based more on RNG (getting the easier shards) than skill, due to unbalanced mechanics. You don’t really need 20 people agreeing on something to see a problem with:

  1. Shard timers all being 30m when the length of the dungeons, trash pulls required, enemy types, boss fights are all different
  2. Most of the tradu dungeons are harder than other dungeons
  3. Boss fights can vary greatly due to mutations that sometimes turn out to be bugs
  4. Boss fights are scaling at different rates due to unbalanced mutations/scaling or simply not enough testing
  5. Bugs impacting shards all the time. Everyday people are crashing/desyncing but they don’t report it regularly on the forums because its basically part of the game at this point. Yet its no less frustrating. That combined with the AOE bugs that are still not fixed, visuals that linger or don’t show, invisible boxes on potion keeper, invisible poison pools, the list goes on

And this doesn’t even go into the balance of different roles in a group and per boss fight. A tank misses a tank buster block and your group wipes. This is true probably on higher tiers in nearly every boss fight. Healers also get smaller rooms for error too. DPS however enjoy a lot more room for error on most fights.


@Corgi_C i agree with most of what you say if not all but it is hard to balance out bosses and focus their time on these things because they are trying to get content out quicker then anything. i honestly wouldnt mind if they setback all their next sprints for a week and focused on bug fixes and balancing for that week, but not everyone wants that so it cant really be done without annoying alot of the player base.

right now there isnt much problem with the way shards are balanced because you cant choose which dungeon you get, as you have noticed no one has beaten a t8 (as far as i know) because they havent been getting mao’s sanctum t8 shards.


I have to disagree with @Fern I feel that having the ability to do easier dungeons at higher level tiers gives EVERY player a chance to get better armor and weapons not just the elitists that take the game too seriously.

I do not believe the developers are on a mission to cause an imbalance by giving groups who are already on higher level shards an advantage by taking away the “easier” dungeons from everyone else.

I think that certain people should get off their high horse and stop making ridiculous requests like this. I wouldn’t try to act so entitled as to request changes that would create a significant gap between the casual players and the ones who play entirely too much.

I say big deal that there’s a few groups of 5 that are already at lvl 7+ shard dungeons only a couple weeks after it was released, there are a lot of other players who want to casually play and still feel like they achieved something by doing a lvl 4 or lvl 5 Maeo’s Sanctum.

MAYBE what should really happen is that there should be more penalties for the higher level shard dungeons. It sounds to me like they are too easy if people are already reaching the end game content two weeks into the release. Perhaps there should be a huge curve once you reach the halfway mark of lvl 5 shards.

*Drops :microphone: *


@Hurt_Locker The shard dungeons have a slow curve in difficulty, there is a reason all the higher groups are stopped at t7-t8 dungeons, its easy for some and hard for other because the most dedicated players are geared up from tradu with good gear, and now around t3-6 gear, the dungeons appear to be perfectly balanced in the increasing difficulty sense, its just that some people cant realize other people perspectives lower than themselves.

and i would also like to say that ferns reflections on the matter does not reflect all the endgame players like me, J and multiple others.

One last note is that they are not too easy at all, it is a struggle to beat t6 and t7 especially on time, it they increased the difficulty anymore you wouldnt even be able to pass t6 in time


I think the main reason it’s easy is that everyone knows the tricks to a level 8 dungeon. Every tank has made a run in it, and if you mess up it’s not that far a run back.

Also verry few of the minions are l33t class, alowing you to trap and polymorf them.

And damage from stalactites hasent scaled making it truly neglectable. Tank’s can stand right in the hit, and at the aoe everyone can ignore them falling.

One of the biggest problems in the runs right now is distance. Walking 5min extra just isent possible. This also makes this dungeon nice.


Eek! Sorry, I really had no idea that there would be such an emotional response to my request. I’m glad that there are shard dungeons that casual groups can do. Not trying to be on a high horse.

My original post was probably too terse. There is a big difference in difficulty between a T6 Maeo’s Sanctum and pretty much every other shard dungeon. So there is a hope among groups that I’ve spoken with, including my own, that we’ll luck into a streak of Maeo’s Sanctums and easily farm extremely powerful gear upgrades.

Anyways, you bring up a good point. It is nice to have a dungeon that doesn’t require too much coordination so that casual groups can grab some nice drops without being too stressed out about the timer, punishing boss fight mechanics, and long walks from the graveyard.


I’m quite sure the stalactites not scaling is a quite big bug. I know it killed the a level 6 tank with one hit the first time i did the dungeon. I dont know if anyone has reported it.


Ah, that makes sense, those don’t seem to do any damage at all, but I didn’t know that they should.


Yah, level 5 leathal damage is neglectable at 20.


Egges in dessert dungeon also havent scaild. I just run past them, and I self heal before I reach the boss.