Wenderwood Shards


I feel a little bit the same. Luckily there is the armory now to get a fair grip on where people stand (though it will likely take time to really pull all in and give a realistic picture).
So there is currently 77 members in the top guilds which reached lvl 7 or more, with their core groups at least (the actual number of competitors willing and able to reach T10 would be intresting, it is likely way less!). Then there is 43 more members in smaller guilds which do shards, but which are stuck at level 3.
(Edit: I had to add to these numbers, it is likely much more players in smaller guilds because member data is only pulled in once someone actively searched for a member and there is alot of bugs like members not showing their guild - so only with time we get more and more accurate numbers on this.)

And then there is all the rest of players, which mostly don’t arrive at the 4-5 elite guilds when hitting 20, but at the lower guilds, least our applicants constantly come from that “hey I leveled my first 20”-group or with even lower levels.
Wenderwood shards are indeed easier, much easier than rainforest even, yet these are at least a chance for us to get past lvl 3 one day, at all, as I see it. I currently hold one, yey, for level 3 - and it can take weeks till i see my next one, because sometimes we practice whole evenings on one or 2 bosses in Tradu, And likely the lvl 4 shard is a Tradu shard again and then it ends again, because we got new players every other day, casuals or not even full groups, so whatever.

And I wonder, is it really a risk for elite guilds that some guild gets lucky with, like, 10 wenderwood shards accidentally and progress to lvl 10, this way? I find that very unlikely, sorry, and if groups mastered a broad range of dungeons, so the chance to get a wenderwood increases that way, then it likely was deserved.


Actually there only have been 2 T8 shards around (since only 2 T7 have been completed in time) so the problem is not the T8 Maeo’s Sanctum but the lack of T7 clears.
On that note, it’s entirely possible clearing every dungeon except the Tradu Crypt, you don’t need Maeo’s Sanctum specifically, it’s just the easiest one. We’ll most likely run a T8 Tradu Forest tonight, i can’t tell if we’ll get a T9 shard, but we’re definitely going to get T8 loot.

Exactly, it’s not even a good chance if you only count T6-10 and even if that happens, good for them, nobody is really expecting a “world first” or something out of an RNG system.


We’ve got a T7 Forest on the ticket for tonight, I think it just might be doable. I bet you guys can get T8 tonight, best of luck!


We beat a t6 mobile forest last night. Just barely missed the 30 min timer. I blame Shiki for not wearing his unbending bow:)


All fantastic points!

What I find the most interesting here is despite many passionate opinions about Wenderwood, everyone agrees it is much easier than the other shard dungeons. I’m glad that it’s been brought to the dev’s attention for the sake of balancing future content.

I’ve also changed my mind a bit - since Wenderwood’s accessibility might encourage more groups to focus on pushing PVE progression, maybe it should stay as-is. The more players engaging with the game, the better.


But think of how much DPS he would have lost? :grin:

Don’t think our rangers have unbending, but we have a plan and a couple T5 Forests to practice on first. Really excited!


Do you have the mobile mutation?


Ha! Yes, I think so. And Tough Skin.


Good luck, that mobile mutation certainly adds an extra challenge.


Our little crew completely nailed their positioning last week in lower tier practices, so at this point it’s 100% on me to protect them, and I’m feeling optimistic.


Nice, the sickness mutation makes shroom a bit harder. For tank keeper, the main thing is to get those tanks down, otherwise with mobile, it is a wipe.


Yup, no kiting! At least with that option off the table, I can fit in wound combos. That will help, right? :sunglasses:

Jerbear and I were chatting last night about how the new challenging content has really pushed up to improve. His situational awareness is way up for example. I’ve gotten a little better at pulling trash (still have work to do on that though!).


If its already hard to get past a certain shard level for you, I think you should probably imagine the higher level ones as being nearly impossibly difficult rather than entirely too easy.

I figured this was intentional. The elites in desert dungeon are already pretty much mini bosses. Makes you wonder about their design since they moved away from straight up multiple elites into aberration groups instead that function around a elite.

The healer elite in the desert dungeon is bad design due to its ability to heal repeatedly as well as decurse itself vastly scaling its HP up. In fact there are too many healer enemies in general for dungeons. The entire point of Vindictive was to kill all the enemies at once, but healer elites make this impossible, and healers themselves just heal up anyways.

Would need dev clarification on whether this is a bug or not. But even if it is a bug and they changed it (and over tuned it, it doesn’t really address the point of this thread). I imagine many people actually enjoy Sanctum because it’s easier (but still manages to push most groups to their limits in a variety of ways).


I’m not complaining, I just don’t want the dungeon removed, so im explaining why some groups find it easyer.

It’s cind of amusing that no one remembers the stalactites doing damage, was it only me running it at level 5? :joy:

Ps. It’s quite hard with unstable. The corridors are so tight! Party wipe!

Level 10 Shard Cleared?

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