What are the circles next to the bow for?

So I can’t figure out what the circles next to the bow are for they randomly fill and empty and random letters and numbers appear below them like

M // 6 or M // 9
What are they for?

They are globes, they are described in the wiki but essentially they increase your damage the more of them are filled up. You get more by skill shooting from a distance.


By my understanding, the M value is the distance, in meters, of your last hit. I may be wrong, though

The letters will be either “S” for Small, “M” for Medium, “L” for large, or “XL” for extra-large. It’s the size of the thing you hit. The numbers are the meters away you hit it from.

The large number is the “score” of the shot.

Smaller enemies + farther distance = higher score = more globes at once.


I didn’t see anything in the wiki about it, and I’ve been hunting for information on this. At least it’s not on the Ranger page.

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