What can I expect in open, and how will I feel performance wise?

Signed up because I’m leaving wow in search of a vr mmo. What is your favorite thing about this game over other mmo?

As far as my pc I have 32 gb ram, 1080ti, 6700k @ 4.6 ghz. Is the game optimized well? How will it feel for me to play? I’m on an oculus rift

Well, as far as performance goes, the game is overall, Low-Poly, and wont stress your computer much more than simply using the Rift. You’ll be fine.

Right now the best thing by far is the Community. It’s a lively bunch and we all had fun.

It’s still beta, so there are beta things to deal with. EG spell recognition and Blocking quirks with the shield. Overall its fantastic.

Over other MMO’s Orbus’ primary attraction to me is how player skill is a huge component. Not simply in stats, but in how you, as a player, interact with the world in optimal ways. Aiming with the bow, Swinging with the sword, Brewing potions, all has to do with player skill in the VR environment.

Im also on Rift and I like it.


No skill bars. Are you going to be a; warrior? remember your hit combos they activate skills, ranger? practice that aim, musketeer? I don’t know, point and shoot, mage? damn man, remember your spells you need to draw them out.

It’s really less of a level grind and more of a hands on experience, it’s amazing. The graphics aren’t to die for but the perspective is breath-taking. Huge statues are there, things have a presence. You can feel the aww of the world around you.

Sounds like you guys are really into it. That’s awesome. Watching the trailers made me kind of imagine a first person runescape.

I’m pretty interested in giving it a try. Any timelines on when the next open test will be? I want to load in at least once or twice before letting myself impulse purchase.

Yeah, it pulls you right in.

I remember my arm even getting a little sore drawing out so many spell runes. Holding my wand straight out in-front of my put some strain on my shoulder. But once I got the feel for it I could relax a bit.

Warrior can get tiring if your grinding.

The whole thing is very immersive. Normal games don’t compare.

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That’s not far from the truth lol.

I’m not aware of an open beta before launch.

from: https://wiki.orbusvr.com/Testing_Schedule

August 18th at 12 PM CST - August 21st at 11 PM CST
September 15th at 12 PM CST - September 19th at 11 PM CST
October 20th at 12 PM CST - October 27th at 11 PM CST
November 15th at 12 PM CST - Servers stay up 24/7 until Early Access begins

These are the Next Closed beta tests, and there is no mention of an open beta in the future. That does not mean there is no hope of there being one.

I will say, the mere presence of the game is magical. This was the first game in VR I can see myself spending hours on, and already have.

There is no other MMO that is like Orbis at this time

A few have VR support in some fashion, and that’s fine, but this was made from the ground up for VR, and it’s amazing.


Ha I have seen so many people compare this to Runescape. It really isn’t far from the truth.

But this is one of the most enjoyable VR games I have played this far and out of all the multiplayer games it certainly runs the best. I was shocked at how smooth it ran during the world boss raid, I got no lag the entire fight.

TL;DR: I see great things coming from this game and I sure will get more than my 50 bucks worth out of it, hell I feel like I already have to be honest.

having also come from world of warcraft and also using an oculus. I can tell you that you will love this game. i literally passed on sleep to keep playing. the dungeons are very much WoW-inspired and the world bosses are a load of fun. but my favorite thing about it so far is the professions. they are unlike any MMO i’ve ever played. you actually have to “cook” your potions in a pot, craft fishing lures by putting bait items on a hook in your house. eventually they will add artificing which i assume will be like a kind of magical blacksmith.

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Are there items? If so, how do they scale? Do world bosses level wiTh everyone or does early level world bosses become obsolete?

All world Bosses are Max Level. (in this test they were scaled to 16, not 20)

There are items. Currently, there is not much in the way of itemization, but there certainly will be. That aspect of the game has not yet been fully implemented. Can’t say exactly how that will be done, but there is a plan.

Cool :slight_smile: so nobody can play until the next test date? :frowning:

That’s correct. We’re all sad about it.