What do i need to do to play the game as a new member?

I saw your post on you tube and the game looks like fun. I found your website and became a member. So now what do I do to get into the game?

Currently the game is in alpha which requires the Epic Founder rank to play ($100 I think? ). These tests are 24h long every other Friday until the beta tests.

Beta tests require Founder status. The game will hit early access in December of this year where I believe the game will be $30?

You can buy a status by going to 'my account" but it’s a hefty price ($100!) So only do it if you’re sure.


The game has a developer blog with continuous updates every other week about what is being fixed, what they will look more into and what new might be added to the game and more. i suggest you check that out as well.
The Community is friendly and by joining us now you will join us in the discovery of the secrets and exploring in OrbusVR.
The game has a lot of content too it and much much more is to come.

I recommend to buy this game now if you are interested in following the game trough its development.
If you want to wait and see the full project you can always buy it when its released, but buying it now has its perks!


We’re definitely forming a close knit group of players in alpha. The discord is usually busy (I recommend hopping in there if you have questions or just want to see what the current players are like/up to ) it’s a great group of people and the game is really fun even in its current form. Just remember it’s alpha and always being improved and changed


Where can I find the discord?

Here is the link!

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I can’t wait to join in the beta tests!

Once you are a member and have upgraded your account to either Epic Founder (allows alpha access) or Founder status (allows beta access), the only other thing you’ll need will be the client which should become available a day or two before each test. The initial down load of the client will be at least 2Gb, so I recommend downloading it in advance so you can jump straight in when the test starts.