What do you all like about the current game? Personal favorite updates and changes?


With reborn around the corner I thought about a positive thread of like saying thanks for the current game, specially for my two favorite updates:

  • Mounts: Omg, love them, farming is so much easier and quicker now, and it’s also a help running inside instances and with getting to them
  • Plundering Dragon: This dragon eases my farming life extremely, as a musky/ranger it is such a relief to no longer have to run after every distant loot drop!

What is everyone else’s favorite change, addition or update, I am sure there’s much more.


I was never on the mount or dragon talents wagon, but I am very very grateful for others who came up with the suggestions and that the devs incorporated them - what did we do before mounts and plunderer dragons?!
goes on spiel before the land bridge linking Guild City to Corner Path and walking the long way around, both ways uphill in the snow
Which was another thing brought up by others that I didn’t care about at the time it was an issue, but after the fact am grateful others thought of it.
I also love that zones are linked so that there’s more than one way to enter and exit, like going from Frosted Spit to jungle to Lamavora to Guild City instead of only Frosted Spit to Highsteppe to Guild City.

As for suggestions I was a part of the pretty- please bandwagon for, I love the fellowship chest. I may now obsessively gather whatever I want and have a nice convenient place to leave items for others! Very happy to not have to coordinate trades with schedules anymore, and this to that person, that to this person, and oh will you see so-and-so tomorrow? Please also take this but give that to so-and-so. … who wants this other thing I gathered I won’t do anything with?
:heart: fellowship chest :heart:


I absolutely love summoning my Nimbus mount, and the motion to do it with my hands makes me feel so powerful, pulling a cloud out of mid air. I hope they will implement more intuitive hand gestures that truly make you feel powerful with upcoming expansions.

As for suggestions:

I would love to have simple professions that we could skill up by doing more gestures, for example…

I could completely imagine myself Cutting down a tree with an axe, gathering the wood, using it to make a fire, and then cooking a fish. (I know all of this has been done before, but this would be the first MMO where you are actually performing the actions with hands and truly immersed!)


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