What elite-enemies did you find?

Hello there everybody,

I’d like to know what elite-enemies you found and where we might encounter those.
So far I found the big pigmen near the first dungeon entry and the Forest Guradians …those big stags… near that apple orchard on the way to the burning forest.

Aren’t these elites and not mini-bosses?

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Oh damn you! You are absolutely right… let me correct that

I know a special one. There is some spider queen thingy in the jungle. :slight_smile:

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I didn’t make it to the jungle yet. What level range is that? I just hit level 10 but I am playing alone most of the time

You can enter the jungle at your level. Jungle is range 8 to 12. But solo makes it harder of-course. But you should be able to survive the beginning of the jungle just fine if you are careful. :slight_smile:

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Alright, gotta check it out. For my main quest I have to do the dungeon…but nobody seems to do it right now… so I am stuck grinding somewhere but I had no idea where to go. Im gonna try this later :slight_smile: thx!

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