What features would you like to see added to the game?

I’m wondering what kind of things other players would like to see added/improved upon in the game.

Personally I’d like to see the overworld updated to have a level of detail at least equal to the DLC zones.


Things to add to the tutorial/journal

I’d like to see the things mentioned in the post and comments added. I know Infiniterune had a great idea for the tutorial.

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The thing I’d pay money to see in game is a community content creation tool. Some way to allow the players to create dungeons, quests, new zones, etc. Similar to how Neverwinter (the more recent MMO, not the original one) had the Foundry. This would allow the game to explode with new content that the players can take an active role in.

However, I understand that is likely to never happen.


It would be awesome if you could upload your dungeon (from d&d?) you made into the game.

But how will it follow the lore :thinking:

A mirror in player house would be great. Allow the player to see what they look like before they walk into public. There would be way less toilet paper on ones shoes.


i would like a feature to break down multiple items at once to clear up space quicker


How about a simple clock in the overhead. Let you see what time it is so you are not late for work.


Thats what the selfie bot essentially is, a mirror

A customizable clock i.e. Potion aging time complete, rupert worshiping time, Citadel raid time

Pet naming

Working stuck in combat fix

Dye preview

Auction search


more dungeons.

More of nodenghast and the chaos realm

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T20 shards tbh
current endgame is getting a little slow

I want more dungeons before we get higher shards.

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I feel like higher level shards would just be more of the same. Just continuing to scale up damage and health would be very inconsistent on how it would affect enemy difficulty. For enemy groups the only person really affected at all is the tank who has to deal with harder hitting melee enemies. Every ranged enemy just one shots you already anyways so they would feel no different. Bosses would be even worse. Some bosses like 1st airship, 1st sewers and 2nd temple boss would be nearly impossible while others like 1st mines, 2nd sewers and 1st temple would be functionally identical.

I think It might be fun if there was a level 16 shard which has every affix on the game on it but I feel like the whole shard and affix system would need to be seriously reworked and added to for even higher level shards not to feel extremely tedious and unbalanced.


More crafting/non combat style things. Things that really make you feel like you are adding to the world and atmosphere.


I would love jobs that you could specialize in like an Fletcher that can make new more specialized arrows. I would also like a Wandmaker job that made special wands. Finally I Would like a Blacksmith job that made hammers and swords with special abilities. Just another way to get late game good stuff. I feel these jobs should be players though, so there is more teamwork and ways to get dram.

New dungeon options

New modes of dungeons instead of just sharded/unsharded. Similar to this, I remember this being a lot of fun years ago… Deep Dungeon - The Palace of the Dead | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone

Just more content options in general, with more reward options like dram, potions, crafting materials, or a community favorite… new transmogs.

Many players enjoy trying to collect 100% of the transmogs, pets and mounts. Adding more with new ways to acquire them will add objectives for players who still enjoy the game but have already achieved most of their long term goals within the game.

New leaderboard stats. Friendly competition keeps people interested. Implement something new, add it to OrbusVR: Reborn :: Fantasy virtual reality MMO for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift + Touch. This will engage both old and new players. I also noticed there’s no critter capture leaderboard, which could be an easy add for something people already do quite a bit.

New types of enemies with different challenges than the standard attacks. More variety.

Some form of flying. Flying mounts, t-pose, generally faster movement.

An item to permanently or automatically feed my pet when it’s hungry. Permanently one would be pay 2 mil or so and then it doesn’t get sad or hungry anymore. The automatic option could be a feeder that as long as you carry it and have treats it will keep it at a minimum to pick up bags or whatever trait you choose. Could be a utility item on your belt.

Make it possible to multi-select items to break down at once. PLEASE. This is, in my opinion, the worst part of the game.

I didn’t think I had anything to add until I started going. Thanks for taking the time to read my post.


How about a wristband that shows local time. I often find myself looking at my left wrist but nothing is there.

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