What if Voice commands where used?

I noticed alot of players were haveing a hard time with spellcasting even more so than last time.
How about the game uses a combo of Very simple Runes with voice commands.

Example: draw a simple Rune that means Bolt and say "Fire"
thus getting a “FireBolt” spell.

anotherExsample: Draw a Rune that means Ray and saying "Arcane"
thus casting “arcane Ray”.

This will allow the game to have easier runes to draw without oversimplifying the class and add more Spells without making entirely new runs for every single Spell. this way if you need a Bolt spell for light or ice just draw the rune for it and say the element you want to use for it

Ofcourse this is just anidea nothing more. please feel free to consider some variation of it.

(My personal opinion)

While i personally would approve of some voice command action in many vr games, i dont feel like orbus is one of those.

The difficulty of the runes is what makes the runemage such a difficult, yet powerful class. Firebolt is a simple curved h, but a spell like Curse (or whatever it was called) that causes damage over time in fairly high quantities, and can be stacked, is a little more complex. As the power and utility of the spell grows, so does the difficulty of the runes.

While i do like, and have also mentioned in a post of my own, having runes for seperate functions (like your Fire + Bolt), i just dont think it would work in a game like this. Perhaps in a different game with a mana bar and a skill system, so that you cant spam it and you cant just simply copy a spell you hear someone else cast. But not orbus, thats just how i feel :slight_smile: The runes arent overly complex. By the end of this test, i was able to memorize all of them by heart (though would occasionally need a second to remember a particular stroke) and was able to cast all but 1 1/3 reliably (the 1 being Arcane Blast and the 1/3 being just the first rune of the Teleport spell, i often got the Ressurection spell started when trying to do that one.


I agree whole heartedly with @Ryan_M. As far as the problem with getting resurrection instead of teleport, that problem will probably get fixed when @Riley_D sets the spell recognition back to where it was supposed to be at the beginning of this Alpha test. I’d rather have strict spell recognition making it require precise spell drawing over getting unintended spells.


I am not sure about the voice commands but I did play mostly Rune Mage on the 5th. The Affliction spell does do damage over time but the damage it does is so low (even when stacking the spell on a single enemy) you are better off spamming fireballs because you do more DPS and it is easier to cast. If the Devs increase the damage of the Affliction spell, it would be more viable in combat. I found that the Frostbolt/Ice Lance combo worked very well.

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Hmmm, really? When a group and i did the dungeon, we had 2 level 8 mages, me and one other. We often did affliction and we’re often doing 50 damage per second on the stone crab, per debuff. We had many stacks going and the hp would plummet quite fast. With a single debuff, firebolt is definitly superior, but with large stacks from 1 very good mage or 2+ mages, its far stronger then firebolt.

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50 damage a sec at level 8 compared to the damage a fireball can do at level 8. I am just saying you do more dps spamming fireballs than you can do with Affliction,while soloing. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing multi mage Affliction attacks.

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Also I could never get above 3 stacks on an enemy while soloing. I may need more practice with the spell but I got the fireball and the frost bolt/Ice Lance combo down.

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I think there is an advantage in the fact that big mobs live for the full duration of affliction, and you have consistent damage which may help keep agro if you’re frantically trying to stay alive and don’t have time to cast spells.

With small mobs, Fireball is probably faster as they would die before the duration of one affliction.