What is the best time for most people to play at?


  • 6pm gmt/1pm cdt
  • 7pm gmt / 2pmcdt
  • 8pm gmt / 3pm cdt
  • 9pm gmt / 4pm cdt
  • 10pm gmt / 5pm cdt
  • 11pm gmt / 6pm cdt
  • 12am gmt / 7pm cdt
  • 1am gmt / 8pm cdt
  • 2am gmt / 9pm cdt
  • 3am gmt / 10pm cdt
  • 4am gmt / 11pm cdt
  • 5am gmt / 12am cdt
  • 6am gmt / 1am cdt
  • 7am gmt / 2am cdt
  • 8am gmt / 3am cdt

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We talking about weekend or week days?

@aRkker made this which might help you seen when people are online http://armory.orbus.xyz/#/playergraph


Hey Ricky, in which time zone is that graph?


5 pm gmt is missing as an option? That (+1/+2h) is the time when lots of people come home from work in Europe. But I agree with Rickness, the playergraph answers this question perfectly, taking all people into account, not only those active on forums (which are, I believe, only the most active and rather non-casuals). I’d also like to know the timezone - for me it seems like my timezone is applied, is it individually? - and perhaps like to see a whole month or even year/all-time.


this is for any day of the week not just week days or week end I’m just trying to get a better idea of what time of day people prefer to play this at.


It’s set as UTC which is the same as GMT


converts to US times


Since it seems that folks are using that graph outside of our fellowship (I gave it my blessing, no crime happened here :joy:) I’ll see if I convert those times to your browser’s timezone on the fly so you don’t have to convert them


Could you maybe add it to the menu too, so I don’t need to use a bookmark? :grin:


Done, and done. Added to the top menu as well as made it show the times on your timezone instead


You’re the best :smiley:


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