What is the first thing you're going to do in Beta?

Ok, maybe a stupid subject, but I just bought in to the beta and I’m so excited for this weekend I can’t contain myself.

I’m going to unlock Runemage and learn how to cast fireworks. I read a few posts on people saying how hard it is (casting fireworks, not unlocking Runemage), so I’m really excited to try it out :fire:

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I am going to try the warrior out. I’ve been playing warrior or cleric(warriorpriest) in every game since early AD&D at the dawn of times and since there are no cleric in OrbusVR (yet hint hint) the warrior will be perfect!

Also the crafting part is very exciting. I love crafting, trading and all the other non-dungeoncrawling stuff! Don’t get me wrong the dungeoncrawling is exceptionally fun too!

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I’m torn between my 2 loves:

VR Melee Combat and Support Roles.

Definitely going to be poking at all the classes, cause why not. (On demand fireworks are critical!)

It’ll be interesting to see how that all feels!

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Get my wand “back” from Open Alpha! :wink:

Seriously, as soon as I can. I’ll level up as a Musketeer (which I enjoyed anyway) with friends to get strong enough to easily make my way to Tinny.

The rune casting system had a profound impact on me, I enjoyed it that much.
The week after the Open Alpha weekend I went and made a recreation of the wand within Anyland, with a very simple fireball feature (press trigger to ready it at the wand tip, then trigger again to shoot it, and it follows your wand movement but much too fast to emulate OrbusVR’s correctly).
(Easily creating replicas in Anyland is great. Friend of mine has made tons of Star Wars guns, for example.)


I’m probably going to be power leveling as soon as I log on. I’m a very early alpha player so I’m going to be trying to get to the desert as fast as possible with all the other alphas. I’ll probably go grab myself a want after I’ve hit max with my musketeer but until then, we have a desert to explore!

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Talk to Guardian Bart :Kappa:

I am also planing on trying on the warrior for a longer period of time. I only learned about the warriors combo-system near the end of the open alpha.

After that I plan to try out fishing, potion brewing and want to visit the jungle.

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Just signed up for the beta - this will be my first experience in Orbus VR - cant wait! Feel free to add me to your friends list once it is up an running! Will see you all in the game!

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I’m probably going to goof around with the classes a little then explore the land and fish! :smiley:
I love exploring then relaxing by the side of a lake or pond. :grin: