What is the point of this game?

Sorry, I don’t mean any disrespect. I’ve been enjoying the game up until now, but it’s beginning to seem like this game has no purpose. Or do I just not get the point of MMOs? It feels like just an endless scavenger hunt: find this, find that, kill this, kill that. Do it alone. Do it with a group. Rinse. Repeat.

Is there some story I’m supposed to discover? (It seems like there is a bit of lore behind all of it, but I don’t see it affecting my game play.) Are there ever any mysteries or puzzles to solve? What am I missing?

Maybe it’s exploring…but, then, I feel like I’ve basically circled the entire map? (Am I wrong?)

it’s a MMO, so minimal story, just enough to make discover/explore and level up.
Did you not finish the quests with some cutscenes ?

aside from that, the endgame, is more about competing for loot in dungeons and some kind of pvp in the wild :smiley:

Its not any different than any other MMO:

  1. Discover the story via doing all the main quests, yes its minimal but hard to fault their small team for that
  2. Explore the world by going around and doing all the exploration quests and beyond
  3. Do all the content, by doing the dungeons and the world bosses with a guild
  4. Grind your levels out, work on fishing, try PVP out
  5. And of course, like any MMO, find some people to hang out with

There’s reasonably enough in this game to keep a casual player occupied for 40-50 hours. There’s enough grind and other things to go beyond 100+ hours though its debatable how much of that is really worth it. But by then I assume they will have released one or two content updates out of the four they have talked about in their blog.


I haven’t seen any cutscenes, no. I’m only a level 5 warrior, level 2 mage, and have probably completed…7 or 8 quests. But I don’t really know where else to look for more, seeing as I’ve been around the whole map (or feel like I have) and have found that most of it is just vast, empty space with nothing to see, few or no NPCs, and nothing much to do.

hum, yeah basically the main quest doesn’t really stand out at the beginning.
If i remember correctly you have to follow what guardian bart is telling you to get to the main quest. as you follow the main quest, you are goinna discover new cities (don’t expect them to be very lively, it still early access), and in these you will get sidequests and follow the main storyline.

You will have to mindlessly farm at some point, because the main quest even with all the side quest, can be too hard if you don’t level up or group up with others (in the option menu, in party/find group, you can see listing of people looking for more, trying to do dungeons, questing or just farming, try to get with one of these group sometimes, it will make things way faster and easier !)

Ok. I will give that a shot! Thanks!

There is a ton of hidden side quests and puzzles to do along the way to level 20! I am never bored for the most part while grinding or questing or exploring for new recipes!

Hiden side quests? Puzzles? Can you elaborate on this? There aren’t “a ton” of hidden side quests and whether they are hidden or not is pretty debatable if we’re being honest. As for puzzles, the two I can think of off the top of my head aren’t exactly stand out aspects when talking about the general features this MMO offers.

There are over 20 hidden side quests to my knowledge… You unlock them by doing a variety of things throughout the world…

There are over 20 hidden side quests to my knowledge… You unlock them by doing a variety of things throughout the world…

Gotcha. Unfortunately diving deep into the world to unlock these sides quests doesn’t really seem to be something that applies to players like James. Sure, if he keeps playing and grinding and getting to a point where can then find out or stumble upon these side quests, maybe it would be relevant.

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I lost on main quest for a bit in the beginning.
If you happen to have quest from chef to catch some fish, you complete it with fisherman but then return to the chef and he will have next quest.
The main quest shown as a star above npc’s head btw.

From what I’ve seen of VR games, this is the best bang for the buck in terms of content for the price. Compared to flat screen games, VR games normally provide considerably less content per dollar (see: Job Simulator), though to be fair, I haven’t paid for a lot of VR content.

Take OrbusVR for what it is: our first real endeavor into VR MMORPG, developed by a small, dedicated team that seriously cares about the content they’re creating. The community is awesome, the devs are awesome, and the content keeps improving as changes are implemented, at no cost to the players.

I know this is a bit tangent to OP’s post, so to address that: I wandered a bit until I realized Chef had a second quest to do, and then I was back on the storyline, which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed, but to be honest, I like having these “what now” moments in the beginning as I learn the game and its nuances. It really feels more rewarding than being spoon-fed every aspect of the game. Some people may not be satisfied by that, but I am.

So my best suggestion for OP is to play the game as it’s meant to be played. The devs built this game around group play. It’s an MMO meant to bring players together. Solo play is slow and grindy; the questline takes you immediately into zones you can’t handle until you gain the XP or get a group together. So befriend everyone you meet, help others in your zone, and ask others for help in-game if you need it.

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Indeed what is the point of life itself? It feels like an endless scavenger hunt: find food, find shelter, eat food, poop, sleep, wake up, do it all over again. Live alone. Live with a group of friends. Rinse. Repeat.
See also www.reddit.com/r/outside – the free to play MMO. :wink:

The point of a game is to have fun playing it!!! =)

In Orbus I’m not even concerned with grinding to max level as fast as possible because I’m enjoying just playing and socializing while I do!
You know, “it’s the journey not the destination” and all of that. Same thing with life. =)


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