What is the purpose of stacking on belt?

I made a lamp the other day using the tinkering station.
I made another one today, thinking I can carry two. I can so that’s pretty cool.
When I made the second lamp (I happened to be equipped with the first lamp on the right side of the belt) The chest appeared, I opened the chest, and then I was looking for the lamp, until I realized that It was stacked on top of the one that was already on my tool-belt.
Is it possible to have more than one lamp on one side of the tool-belt? I found that when picking it up, it didn’t reveal a second one that could be picked up, so I put them back in my inventory, split them and then put them on each side and that worked.

So the ultimate question is, should we be able to stack on the tool-belt and if yes, what is the use for it?

I’m imagining the RP implications of carrying 99 lanterns on a single hip and I’m loving every bit of this lol


Sounds fine to me. Yes you don’t really want a stack of 99 lamps on one side of the belt as its not different to only 1 (except RP reasons for Mishka??) but stacking it for inventory space is super useful. would hate to have to delete them for space in my chest or something in the future.

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I never thought of that, it could definitely be useful for space.
I guess I have tons of space after purchasing the 7th page, using the guild chest as well as my alt character (from the guild chest), so in theory, tons of space is available :slight_smile:

in theory yes but after a year of hoarding I don’t have much space :wink:

haha, I didn’t think that was possible… well done!

Or loganator to fill a page full of the lamps

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