What lures to catch certain fish

Can anyone make a list of the lures to catch each kind of fish

No, that would be a giant spoiler and something we are avoiding. There is a short list on the wiki of lure combinations it is ok to share.

A couple of known fish and their locations and lures to get you started:
Sunfish: A very common fish which can be found in bodies of water in the first zone, such as Kingsport Lake. Reacts to the Lesser Eye and Small Tongue.
Green Bellied Bass: A common fish which can be found in the lakes around Highsteppe and near the Corner Path. Reacts well to the Small Tongue and Small Tooth.
Katyharan Catfish: A common fish which can be found in the waters near Guild City. Reacts to Small Tooth, and Feathers
Large Minnow: A common fish known to swim in the waters near other schooling fish including Bass and Catfish and is used on the Lures to entice larger fish to bite. Reacts to Small Tooth.

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I also think the eels in the rainforest react to scales if I’m not mistaken.

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Green Bellied Bass: A common fish which can be found in the lakes around Highsteppe and near the Corner Path. Reacts well to the Small Tongue and Small Tooth. Is that a lure made from both the small tounge and tooth together? Or either a toung or tooth?

How do I find out what parts I need to use in making lures for certain fish? Ask other players? Or experimentation?

Finding it hard to find the information in game.

bass is both.

You basically listen to the NPCs when they talk about the fish. The fishing guy tells you what the bass likes - Tooth and tongue, and he even gives you the materials to make the lures.

You need to pay attention when given tasks to catch certain fish as you’ll be told how to catch the fish in the quest info, not the journal

Yea that is a problem for me my short term memory is extreamly bad I can forget something I read within moments. If it’s not in the journal then I have no chance :roll_eyes:

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best way then is to write stuff down in notepad or something on your pc so you don’t forget haha

Ideally the NPC should repeat the information when talking it it again, but it doesn’t.


Sure, :roll_eyes: because trying a million combos for fishing is great fun

Somebody needs to make a fan wiki so the devs can’t over control everything.

Actually I did that for Minnow and Eel in the rainforest, and it was great fun. I’m glad I’m not being spoon-fed all this info from a wiki. If I get stuck, sure, I can ask for hints. But I’ve never gotten so stuck in this game that I couldn’t figure it out.


I completely agree cowboy. I like to try things too to a point. But not having any resource can feel like a brick wall. So I just think outside resources for people who want them is a good thing.


Kinda like how somebody wanted maps, made them, and now our journals have maps thanks to some guy who was willing to put forth the effort?

I agree. I also think that people are lazy and often want the easy win, and I’m glad the devs aren’t catering to that, and aren’t encouraging others to.

Well I already have an A4 piece of paper with the portal runes I have found in game because there is no other way to record them.

But really… writing stuff down on paper breaks immersion and is awkward to say the least. The journal needs to record it all.

Taking the HMD off to write on paper is just pants


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