What’s to come in 2020?

May I ask, what is planned for 2020? I really enjoyed reading about what the team planned for your short term / long term road map during beta, but it seems as of late there are less and less posts.
I’m not sure the dev team will answer the questions, but I was wondering if the team thinks the game is in a good place for long term success?
I know there was a high number of users during the holidays. Has that number been seen in revenue or was that mostly people trying the free demo? I have seen many new players and tend to see less and less of the older players and I was curious if the dev team is happy with the retention rate / average play time of the player base.
These questions are just me trying to get a sense of overall health of my favorite vr game. There have been drastic overhauls of the game since alpha, mostly in the graphics / visuals. Do we think we might see another rework of the visual layout of the game now that the team has seen what works / doesn’t? Maybe to help attract players back into the game.
I wish to say that I am very happy with the work / entertainment you have provided me. There are some decisions about the game that everyone has different opinions about and we each nit pick this and that but as a whole you have done great work and I want to say thank you from the community.


Ditto. I’d also like to know what they’re working on besides fixes.

Warframe’s updates from their Dev team was the biggest motivator for me to keep playing when things started to feel stale. Knowing that something is coming really keeps people coming back.

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Yes id love to know that too. Especially with new VRmmos coming out this year. Ofc dont get me wrong I love orbus and will keep playing just hope there is something exciting to come :smiley:

We will have a blog post coming out early next week outlining some of the new features, mechanics, etc. we will be adding in the coming year! I was hoping to get the post out a week or so ago but wanted to wait until we had some of the ideas more finalized before posting about them. I am really excited to share with the community what we have been working on and when that will be coming to the game, as well as get feedback on some of our plans and ideas.


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