What Should Players be Critical of in the Beta?

While we are all excited to see the changes since the Alpha, and with the Beta just around the corner, I think its important to remember this is not the full release.

Things are not set in stone. As such, this leads to an important aspect to why the Beta happens, and that is to TEST!

I understand that the Beta is less about mechanic testing and more about content testing.

@Riley_D and Dev_team, are there any specific things we should be looking out for to produce specific feedback on? Like crafting, combat, dungeons, or other content?

Or are you looking for a more relaxed nature testing, and let players naturally explore the content at their leisure, reporting problems as they find it?

Put another way:

What is the one thing you would want ever player to try?

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What’s interesting about this test is that we are adding additional new content in, via the new Obnobi Desert zone and the new world boss. However, since everyone is getting reset back down to Level 1 at the start of this test, I don’t think there will be many people who are going to make it all the way to Level 16 during this first test to test that new content, haha.

So really I think during the first Closed Beta test the focus will be:

  1. Client stability (e.g. have we fixed the bugs/crashes from the Alpha)
  2. Quality of life changes (e.g. new locomotion options, new notifications that tell you when you gain XP or an item, etc.)
  3. Testing out the leveling curve which has now been adjusted to be more representative of the final game (e.g. quests now give much more XP but monsters give less)
  4. Testing out Main Story quests through level 8 (these were in the game previously but not many people made it all the way through them due to various bugs which have now been fixed).

I’ll be interested to see what the participation level is of this test compared to the Closed Alpha, as well. But yeah in general for sure this is going to be a more relaxed test.

The next test our goal is to have all the Main Story quests in the game as well as the combat balance patch done, so at that point we’ll really be targeting those things heavily.

So regarding the combat balance, how, in a perfect game, would you like the game to be balanced?

Will there be a level reset once the combat balance patch is released(beta2)?

We’re not planning on resetting anything after the Beta starts, no.

I’m not totally sure how to answer that question, haha. In terms of the combat in general, we want each class to have a unique role, we want the combat to feel fairly moderately-paced (not FPS-fast, but not tab-target MMO slow, either). We want there to be ample in-battle decision making around what abilities you have at your disposal to choose from. In group content, we want you to have to rely on your allies to see you through danger, and we want you to be able to work together to do more than you can do on your own.

Of course, how to accomplish all that comes down to the specific mechanics we implement and how we tune them, so we’ll be working on that heavily during the next patch.

lol I guess that is a bit vague, huh?

To better phrase it, lets talk in a specific area we all know, DPS.

Which class do you expect to be doing the most damage, and how do other classes compare to that level?

Likewise, and probably most important to this posting, what should Beta Players be looking for in power balance to make reports about? (Keeping an eye on the feel of ability cooldowns, would be one example)

From what I understood the balance would come after this test and we would be focusing on it during that test. (I’m sure that when they really get down into balancing they will have very specific things to tell us about what they expect)

You know, I totally misinterpreted.

That makes a ton of sense.

Either way, I’m still pumped for tomorrow! Can’t wait to see whats changed since the Alpha.

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